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Natural Wall Paint is the better option. Fact. Do you know what's currently leeching out your walls?

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Natural Wall Paint

In this day and age there is no excuse for not paying attention to what is in the products we not only consume, but actually use in our environments. We all hear about bad things in our food, bad things in our drinks, pollution and climate change, but we don't ever think about our actual houses and what their green credentials are.

Every room in our houses are painted, and most of the time it's with leading paint brand names with their glossy adverts and happy smiling people, but has anyone actually spent a couple of minutes looking at what some of these paints actually contain?

Conventional big name paints contain a large variety of toxins, not only are these released into your home as soon as you open your tin of paint, but they leech out of your walls for many years, and it's been scientifically proven that these chemicals cause lung irritation, as well causing bad reactions, allergies and even more severe cases than that. The large number of petrochemical ingredients used in standard paint are extremely energy intensive to produce, which is not good for the environment either.

Unlike these off the shelf 'latex' & petrochemical based paints, (yes this includes some of the 'eco friendly' or 'zero VOC' paints you see advertised in the media) our selection of natural paints are both naturally biodegradable and free of the nasty petrochemical ingredients.

Natural wall paints are created using as small number of ingredients as possible, and each of these have been carefully and minimally processed as possible. Natural wall paint uses the natural qualities of eco friendly binders such as casein, which is a protein glue, as well as earth pigments for colour.

Natural wall paint is far more eco efficient to produce, to store, and also to dispose of, without causing damage to the environment. They help to create a safer environment for you and your family, as well as being a sustainable and eco friendly solution.

Here at The Organic & Natural Paint company, we only sell brands that really have ticked all the boxes, so you can rest assured you are getting the best products, and if you need any help finding the perfect natural wall paint for your home please just get in contact

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