Auro 524 was one of our best eco friendly and breathable  wall paint with all the right credentials, that was Vegan, Solvent Free, Reworkable, Little tendency to drip or splash and for interior use It’s easy to apply, easy to use and headache free!

We stocked this Auro Paint for many years before switching our main range to Graphenstone, so we thought we would give a product summary and review for those interested. We now are excited to sell Graphenstone Natural Paints instead – the worlds best certified green brand. If you bought Auro 524, Auro 321 or Auro 555 Natural Emulsion paint previously – I would now suggest the Graphenstone GCS Colour or the Grafclean Premium.


Auro 524 is the most recent recipe, with a brand new natural plant based binder – holding pigment and paint together better than ever. This natural emulsion paint, Auro 524 is a big step up from the older standard eco emulsion Auro 321, and throughly recommended!

What makes this new paint so special?

  • ZERO emissions
  • Covers ALL the usual surfaces that just about ANY ordinary emulsion goes over
  • Suitable for covering old vinyl paints and new plaster
  • Odourless (The tiny odour disappears as soon as it’s painted)
  • VEGAN Product / Paint
  • Natural & Non Toxic
  • Whiter than ever & Non Yellowing
  • Matt finish, Washable & Flexible
  • Excellent obliteration (One coat is usually sufficient)
  • Quick drying 4-6 hours between coats, 48 hours to fully cured
  • Brush, Roller or spray on.
  • Coverage, 5 Liter = 45 sqm, 10 Liter = 90 sqm
  • This AURO product has trace (0.01-0.02%): amounts of MIT (Organic compounds which are a mixture of benzisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone) that contain sulphur and nitrogen. They are used as preserving agents in cleaners, paints, cosmetics, and more.)

Further details

  • Excellent coverage and covering power (DIN EN 13300 – Class 1)
  • Excellent wet abrasion resistance, and scrub resistant (DIN EN 13300 – Class 1)
  • Very high diffusion of steam (DIN EN 1062-1, Class V1 High)
  • Confirmed biogenic quality (TUV)
  • Plantodecor® boasts a top-opacity of 99.5%. (Opacity class 1).
  • Colored tinted with the Auro spot and tinting colors # 330
  • The new natural binding agent (Replebin) is not chemically reactive. Replebin is created from natural fruit esters.
  • Creates a permanent flexible surface, not brittle and no cracking!
  • Incredible covering power and incredible whiteness and brightness.
  • Especially recommended for living areas. VEGAN, Solvent FREE, Abrasion Class 1, Little tendency to drip or splash.
  • Suitable for almost ALL surfaces, including Alkaline substrates such as lime, silicate paints and plasters, as well as suitable for non absorbing substrates such as plastic materials and latex paints, the first of it’s of it’s kind to do this.
  • Can be tinted with Auro 330.
  • *Certified by the German Committee for the Health related Evaluation of building products (AgBB) and TUV
  • Auro have created a new brand new natural paint that will leave all others trailing behind.


Mineral fillers, Water, Replebin (Natural Binder), titanium dioxide, cellulose; surfactants made of rapeseed-, castor oil; ammonia, thiazoles 

This AURO product has trace (0.01-0.02%): amounts of MIT

What does organic mean? AURO  use the light yellow, fatty oil from the seeds of sunflowers, rapeseed oil and soya from certified organic farming (COF, from certified organic farming – see for certificates). It is used in Auro lacquers, paints and soaps.