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​10 Life Hacks You Should Not Miss When Painting Your House

​10 Life Hacks You Should Not Miss When Painting Your House

Posted by Mylene @ The Organic & Natural Paint Co on 3rd Dec 2014

10 Life Hacks You Should Not Miss When Painting Your House

You have probably read a couple of our house painting ideas and some DIY stuff in here and guess what? Today, we are taking things up to a higher level. We believe that homemakers of today’s generation are the perfect source of important life hacks so we asked few questions from them. Why? Because they are the ones who do the tasks— first hand! And when we say homemakers, they could be either the man or the woman of the house or both!

Painting your house could be a daunting task and yet, most of the time, homemakers tend to do it themselves out of frugality. And there is nothing wrong with that! Just make sure you are armed with the right eco-friendly paints and with these 10 house painting hacks that could make your life easier!

1. Vanilla baby-When using conventional petrochemical paints, the paint fumes can be toxic and dangerous especially when you have kids or elderly family members who could breathe it in.Before natural paints were used, people would place a few drops of vanilla to their paint and would be having a vanilla scent painting session in no time. Luckily, with ourall our natural paints, such as Auro 321 paint, you will no longer need vanilla.

2. Tin foil alert- remember how you hate cleaning up your paint tray after the task? Not anymore! Grab some tin foil and wrap it up to your paint tray before you pour the paint. Now here’s the exciting part— remove the foil, crumple it if you want and shoot it straight to the trash can after the ordeal. Even better than that, we now offer 100% recycled card paint roller trays and buckets.

3. Swiffer your wall- if you think that your ever reliable swiffer is made solely for your floors, think again! You can use it in cleaning up your wall before painting! It simply saves your time and energy in reaching high areas of your wall prior to the actual painting.

4. Fabric softeners are brush friendly too- as much as you love savouring the softness of your clothes, you can also do the same with your paint brush. Soak your paint brushes into your favorite fabric softener (natural where possible please!) and you will soon be having a soft, smelling good, and almost new painting armour.

5. Be smart with vinegar- your old paint brush is not yet to retire once you soak it in vinegar. The acidic feature of this household staple will tone down its crustiness and your brush will look good as new again. If you’re using our natural paints, most of them are water based so you can just soak your brushes in warm water to remove left over paint. For oil based paints we have a natural thinners to do the job.

6. Warm it up- want your paint to stick more on your roller and your wall? Dip the roller first in a warm water and your good to go. [Check your tech sheet to make sure this is OK for your specific paint first though to be safe]

7. Prep it with petroleum jelly- you surely don’t want screws and other hardware to be stained with paint so better dabbed these areas with petroleum jelly first to keep off the paint.

8. Razor blade and sand paper- these handy-dandy tools will help a lot in removing paint drips. Scrape them up soon after you are done painting.

9. Packaging tape- Sometimes a mass produced cheap roller can have extra fuzzies so have your packaging tape ready. Once you roll it on the tape, those extra fuzzies will go with it and you will have a fine and smooth roller all set for your wall.

10. Angled brush and painter’s tape- remember how you sometimes got carried away and accidentally painted the adjoining wall? Skip this kind of mishap using an angled brush and painter’s tape for that perfect line.

And there you go! We hope we gave you some of those “a-ha moments” with these house painting hacks. Remember, do it one brush at a time!

We always encourage you to be as sustainable as possible when decoration your house, and have plenty of natural and recycled products to help you out. When using our natural paints please read through the associated tech sheet (found on each product page) for perfect application. 

Written by: Mylene

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