5 tips for sustainability

I get it, you hear it all the time and we’re all bad. Yes yes yes. I’m as bad as the next guy so I’m writing this almost as a note to myself.

There really are loads of quick and low effort things we all can do to become a bit more sustainable in our day to day lives. 

No one is asking you to go crazy and totally change the way you live your life, but there is no doubt that there are a number of quick fixes that will help you and your family as well as helping you become more environmentally aware. 

We’re all bad at it, too much tech and lack of discipline – and that’s just me, I’m a bad offender too but trying to get better!

1. Manage your electricity & tech better. 

We’re ALL guilty of this one, me included. It’s just far too easy to just leave phone chargers plugged into the wall the whole time, as well as leaving TV’s, DVD players, computers, tech etc always on standby. Yeah I know that modern tech is a lot better on standby, but it’s still a good idea anyway. 

Get a electricity audit, find out where you’re leaking it away room by room and I guarantee you’ll save money on your bills at the end of the year. GUARANTEED. We changed our electric & gas suppliers to 100% natural, it used to be slightly more expensive, but nowadays it’s pretty much the same. We’re with Ecotricity (Am not affiliated in any way) and they are worth a look.

2. Get rid of the draughts. 

Yep, super simple. Around your front door? There is always a stream of cold air around the sides of our door, and it’s takes mere minutes with some stick on insulating foam tape to seal it up a bit. Just doing this will help your house hold its temperature in the winter. Even if you can stop the boiler firing up for just a couple of minutes a day it’s all money in the bank saved.

3. Save water. Even just some. 

Put half a brick in your toilet cistern, that’ll save you more water than you think. Save water outside by just putting a water butt under your drainage gutter, clean free water for watering the flowers and the garden (or vegetables – which brings me on to my next point

4. Food. Buy ‘better’

Buy in bulk more, use the saved money to buy ‘better’ food. Buy buying in bulk you’re taking advantage of massive discounts, cook in bigger batches and freeze more. Something I need to do more too. Just make a bigger meal than you would normally and freeze a couple of portions – saves time (and energy) on another night. 

We all have loads of food in the cupboard that we just never use as it’s easier just getting ‘more’. I’m sure all of us can make at least a few meals extra from our cupboards that we generally wouldn’t have bothered with. How about just setting aside just a little of your garden growing just a few types of veg. Seeds are cheap and most veg is low effort to grow. Don’t listen to the nay-sayers, gardening isn’t as hard work as they make out. Buy veg from allotments, super cheap and keeps local growers growing!

5. Use more eco friendly products and more sustainable household goods. 

Try and use ecological washing powders and cleaning products, there are loads of natural options that genuinely are as good as non-natural. Common misconception that ‘natural’ isn’t as good. Maybe in the past, but with more and more companies investing in natural solutions there really is a great selection these days. Obviously we’d say buy natural paints instead of standard chemical heavy paints, you know how we feel about this, and wished more people would switch. 

So there you go, an handful of things you can do to become a bit more sustainable and eco friendly. No excuses!