We’ve all seen those beautiful decorative stepping stones that have jewels and designs, mosaics and cut-outs.  They really add a nice touch to any path, patio or garden.  Garden art can cost a lot of money, but you can quite simply make your own custom stepping stones without breaking the bank.  All you’ll need is some moulds, cement, sand, water and whichever decorations you choose to add.

While round stepping stones are the most common, when you’re making your own, you can mould them in any shape you fancy.  There are pre-made moulds available in the shapes of flowers, butterflies, hearts, stars and much more.  You may also choose to decorate a paver while building a patio or foundation.

Mix up your cement with water according to the directions.  Make sure it’s not too runny or your decorations will sink below the surface.  Pour it into your mould and smooth down the top with a trowel.  Add your decorations while the concrete is still wet.  The edges will dry first, so start placing your design on the borders first.  Press your decorations into the cement firmly enough that they will stick.

Many people enjoy adding bits of coloured glass or tile to create mosaics.  Some use round jewels and pieces of broken mirror to enhance their designs.  You can even use an all-natural paint to colour your stepping stones in any way you choose.  Just make sure you use a clear top coat over your paint so it will be protected from the elements.

Your decorative stepping stones can be used as tributes to pets, commemorative placards or as whimsical additions to any outdoor space.  Be creative and make your pavers as unique as you are!