Cheap Fire Pit for your garden

Nothing cozies up a backyard like a roaring fire on those
chilly spring evenings. There are
pre-built fire pits that work just beautifully, but building your own is easy
and affordable and will give you a sense of accomplishment when completed. Check out this awesome steel firepit over at

First, decide on the area you’d like to build the fire
pit.When making this decision, keep in
mind you’ll want a fair amount of space around the fire pit for people to sit
or stand.Two meters is usually
sufficient.Next, clear off a circle on the
ground and make sure your spot isn’t near anything flammable such as plants or

Using either concrete blocks or curved garden edging stones,
build a circle of the diameter you’ll want the fire pit to be.If using a grilling bowl for the bottom of
your pit, circle the stones around this.Using concrete if necessary, lay a second layer of stones on top of your
circle so it is two stones tall.Next,
build a larger second circle of stones outside of the first.Leave some space between the circles—how much
space you leave is up to you.

Once you have two sturdy rings of stones, you’ll want to
fill the space in between the rings with concrete or river stones.You can be creative here and fill most of the
way up with regular pebbles and top it off with coloured glass bits or
decorative stones so you have a pretty ring of colour around your fire pit.If you didn’t use a grilling bowl in the
centre, you can also pour in a layer of river stones or pea gravel inside to
give you a non-flammable base for your fire.

Finally, you’re ready to set out some seating!If you’re going for a rustic look, you can
use tree stumps or logs laid out around the fire pit.A fun idea is to paint the stumps with
all-natural paint
.You can do this
in solid colours or with smaller designs.You could even paint a tic-tac-toe board onto the stump and use
different coloured river stones as the X’s and O’s.Alternately you can easily nail together some
lumber into benches.Just be sure to paint
them with an eco-friendly product
that will protect them from the
elements. Now all that’s left to do is
lighting your fire and enjoying it!