When having your first (or third!) baby, you may be tight on space when planning the nursery. As your baby gets older, they may move into a larger shared room with a sibling, or you may be moving to a bigger house down the road. In any case, there are definitely ways to make the most of a small nursery space without sacrificing style.

First things first, furniture! When choosing your nursery furniture, go for pieces that have more than one use and that will help tie in your natural paint palette of choice. That way you won’t have to clutter your small room with too much furniture when you could get the same uses out of it by carefully picking a few multi-functional pieces. For example, changing units take up a lot of space, so you can either try one that has shelves or drawers underneath to double as storage or a dresser, or perhaps go with a wall unit that folds up against the wall when you’re not using it.

Utilise the corners of the room by purchasing corner shelving or cabinets, hanging wall nets for stuffed animals or toys, and even corner nappy changing stations that position your baby’s legs towards you.

Colour and creative painting can make a room look larger than it really is too. For example, pastel colours can create an illusion of space. If you use strong, vivid colours, keep them as accents and details or else they may overpower the small space. You can even paint vertical stripes on one or more walls to make the room look taller if your nursery has a low ceiling. Just make sure you use non-toxic, natural paints that are rated for use around children. Add mirrors and fun wall hangings to make the most of your wall space and to personalise your baby’s room. Don’t stress it. After all, the most important thing you’ll be adding to your nursery is love, and that doesn’t take up any extra space.