How to I remove mould from my walls using natural anti black mold sprays?

How to get rid of mould on walls with natural products, yes it’s possible to be chlorine free!

It’s that time of year when it seems to have been raining non stop for weeks, everything is getting soggy and damp outside, and our walls have been permanently soaked through for ages. If we’re not careful we can see black mould spores starting to appear on our internal walls, (or even the white mould spores on walls) in areas that are hard to get to, such in room corners or areas where there is a lack of air flow. Either black mould or white mould buildups release all kinds of spores and nasties in the air which is not a good thing at all for you, or your families health.

I know from experience myself that it can be hard to remove mould from the walls of damp properties, or when you’re renting houses and can’t do much about the house structure, especially when you dread the mould removal job and the stench of chlorine based toxic sprays.

What causes mould on walls?
Not enough airflow around the affected areas can cause a buildup of black mould, as well as moisture buildup from fluctuations in temperature, human habitation and structural shortcomings can all lead to mould issues. If you’re having mould problem in your property – or want to help someone else that might not know that there is actually a way to control mould without reaching for standard chemical off the shelf products – we have a great range of mould sprays that do work just as well (actually better than most long term!)
Mould loves humidity, and there are many sources of humidity around your home. Common causes can often stem from broken gutters, which when broken keep external walls damp (usually on the corners of your building) – all of this can add up and lead to almost permanently damp walls, and twinned with a lack of airflow on the inside wall can easily result in nasty black mould on your walls.

Can black mould on my walls affect my health?

The dangers of mould spores is actually worse than most people think, causing allergic reactions, exacerbating asthma, more common colds, shortage of breath and many other issues. By using Auro’s anti mould sprays, you’re now able to clean mould off walls naturally using eco friendly products that are both breathable and chlorine free, no nasty chemicals and toxic fumes.

How to get rid of black mould off the walls?

If you would like to remove those mouldy areas with natural products, here’s what to do. Start with a spray bottle of Auro 412 Natural Mould Eliminator, this is your classic ‘mould remover’ – you spray this natural mould eliminator directly onto the areas of black mould, such as on tiles, walls, wood or plastic, interior or exterior. Ideally leave to soak into the mould for around an hour, and then wipe off with a soft brush or sponge to get rid of the residues. Once you have taken the mould off, use another clean damp cloth to finish up the job. You’ll now have a mould free surface you can now take steps to protect it from future build up. The next thing to do is spray the clean wall with the Auro 413 Natural Black Mould Stop, which prevents onset and build up of mould – like Auro 412, Auro 413 also doesn’t even contain any chlorine. Spray the mould stop onto the cleaned surface and let dry naturally. This is the best solution.

It stands to reason that even with all the mould protector in the world, if you have a damp wall and no air flow, you’re going to get some form of mould build up eventually, it’s just inevitable, but most of the time it’s because we’re storing things too close to the wall, boxes / shelves / book cases / sofas etc, so the wall never has a proper chance to dry out. If you can get outside and fix the actual cause, we would advise this first!

How can I stop mould on walls building up in the future?

In an ideal world if you think the area will suffer long term and there is nothing you can do (if you’re not fixing the source of the problem), painting the offending walls with Auro 327 anti mould would be the long term solution. Auro 414 Natural Anti Mould Kit for the removal of mould from your walls combines all these products together for better value, combining the mould eliminator (Auro 412), with the mould stop (Auro 413) and the anti mould paint (Auro 327 Natural Anti Mould Paint). Safe, natural and eco friendly.

How do I get rid of mould on wood? Check out this mold resistant paint for wood right here.

If I can help with any questions, please just get in contact and I’ll do my best to help as soon as I can!