So, you’ve decided to decorate part of your home. Now comes the decision and purchasing of the paints. Some people, I assume, would head out the the hardware store, and buy whatever they needed without so much thought as to using natural paints. They might even wrongly believe that natural paints won’t be as effective as standard paints. Let’s take a look at what you can do with natural and organic paints.

Well, for a start, you can do as much as you would with non-natural and conventional paints. We have a whole range here at
The Organic and Natural Paint Co, there are primers, such as the Auro 305 Natural Universal Primer For Most Surfaces which can be used on pretty much any surface and is a great ‘problem solver’ if you’re having trouble finding the right primer for difficult surfaces. For wall and ceilings, try Auro 320 Basic Economy Interior natural emulsion paint which comes in 29 different colours, is eco friendly, and easy to use. Auro also have a range of natural emulsions such as a washable paint, a matte resin based paint and an anti-mould paint with reduced odour.

We also have a selection of natural wood finishes which
include natural wood primers, natural wood undercoats, wood silk gloss, wood matte gloss, natural wood waxes, eco friendly varnish, natural wood oils and these come available for interior or exterior woods. For example, the Auro 250 is a natural gloss paint for the interior or exterior, both wood and metal. The Auro Natural Matt Silk Paint is for interior wood and metal. Both of these natural paints come in 43 colours and, like the emulsion, are eco, breathable, and family friendly safe. There are also natural wood protectors like the Auro 187 Natural Wood Wax Eco Friendly Wood Protector which is a honey coloured wax made from vegetable and beeswax. The Auro 126 Hard Oil is a natural resin finish for interior wood and floors, available in transparent/ light honey or Scandinavian White finish.
There are so many products available and we have everything that you would need for any DIY project!