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How to prevent house mould by using natural & eco friendly non toxic mould sprays

How to prevent house mould by using natural & eco friendly non toxic mould sprays

Posted by The Organic & Natural Paint Co. on 19th Feb 2014

Auro non toxic mould sprays

It's that time of year when we're just not ventilating the house well enough, and with the constant cold and damp weather the house never seems to rid itself of condensation and moisture, leading to the evil of all evils, house mould.

No matter what you do you'll always find places around the house where mould starts to appear, whether in your bathroom, around your shower ceiling - or at our house we recently had a small patch in the coldest room in our house and behind a bookcase. Bad mould.

How to do you get rid of house mould using something safer like natural mould sprays?

There are loads of products on the market, I've tried many of them over the years - and although many of them do a good job, you're spraying super toxic chemicals in areas of your house that you're living in, as well as spraying them in months when your house is getting almost zero ventilation other than going in and out through the front door. We all know how bad normal anti mould sprays smell like, that acrid smell of a chlorine and peroxide mix of nastiness, leading to shortness of breath and trying to keep out of the room as long as possible. Not good for you or your family, and some of these toxins linger on for many months, or even years.

We have a natural solution for getting rid of house mould and mould spores!

Fortunately we're pleased to say that our newest supplier to join our ranks, Auro Paints, so we can now offer a great selection of breathable natural anti mould paints in the UK natural anti mould paints that are both totally eco friendly and non toxic. We offer a number of their excellent natural mould eliminating products, such as the Auro 412 natural and eco friendly mould spray - which is totally non toxic, free of chlorine as well as non caustic, and can happily be used on many surface types, such as tiles, wood and plastic.

Using natural paint with mould inhibitors in it - and yes, it's totally safe & eco friendly.

After using Auro 412 mould eliminator spray, your next step is to use the Auro 413 Mould stop, which as you would guess helps to prevent mould build up in the future, thus using it as a preventative measure against the build up of mould spores, it works very well as an anti fungal paint. Auro 327 is an excellent preventative mould resistant paint that has a very high PH value helping stop mould dead in it's tracks.

If you're interested in buying all these products together for best value we would suggest buying the Auro 414 Natural Anti Mould System, which combines all the products mentioned previously together in one bundle.

Make the switch to using natural and eco friendly mould sprays this winter, and rest assured that you'll be able to live in a non toxic and safe environment whilst using high quality performance mould eliminating sprays.