Cleverly upcycle your old jars by turning them into stunning painted or decorated centrepieces for your supper table with some easy to find household items.  Candle jars add a touch of romance and beauty to any table.  Wrap them in tissue paper and glue on cut-out designs that will stand out against the soft glow offered when you place a tea light candle inside your finished jar.

If flowers are your thing, you can easily press the blossoms of pansies inside a book and then glue the flattened, dried flowers onto your clean, empty glass jars.  Add a candle or fill them with fresh cut flowers.  Either way, they are sure to bring a dash of spring indoors!

Use a good quality, natural and organic paint to paint your jars with designs after you clean them with rubbing alcohol.  Choose a motif—you could choose maritime fun and paint anchors, boats or water on them, then fill them with sand, shells or starfish!  Or maybe you’re going for an Asian style—paint on kanji, dragons or temples and then fill with bamboo, rice or fortune cookies.

You can also cut out shapes and tape them onto your glass jar before painting over it with an organic emulsion to make beautiful patterns and designs.  Tape on cut-out circles and paint over them, then remove the cut-outs and you’ve got adorable polka dot candle or flower holders!  You could also use cut-out stars, stripes, hearts, shamrocks and much more.  Your friends won’t believe you made these stylish and elegant centrepieces yourself!

Maybe you’re looking for a bit of sparkle… No problem!  Simply add paint to your clean glass jars and while it’s still wet, sprinkle or roll them in glitter.  Once the paint dries, the glitter will be adhered anywhere you put paint.  Get creative and only paint the jars halfway up, or in stripes or swirls.  Any way you choose to decorate, you’re going to have a fun personal touch added to your table that you can enjoy for years to come!