painting your ceiling

One of the best ways to bring your interior look together is by applying a fresh coat of paint to your ceiling. It will liven up your room and can even effect how visitors perceive the room’s size depending on the colour you’ve chosen.

So what’s the easiest way to go about painting your ceiling?

It’s important to make sure you have purchased the proper tools before taking on this task. Buying a paint roller with an extendable handle is very important, as it will allow you to reach your ceiling easier and is infinitely less tiring than painting the whole ceiling with a brush while hanging off a ladder. If the ceiling you wish to paint is textured, you will need to use a thick-nap roller to get paint coverage on all the irregularities, but for a smooth ceiling – a smooth roller will work just fine.

Make sure you remove or thoroughly cover all of the furniture in your room before you start. It is also a good idea to cover your floor with drop cloths, plastic sheeting or whatever you can find. Then use painters tape to protect your trim and the top area of the wall that meets with the ceiling. Doing these will ensure that you don’t end up painting something you had never meant to paint!

To reduce the amount of coats your ceiling may need, be sure to prime your ceiling first. A layer of primer on your ceiling will guarantee that you only need to use one coat of paint, and will end up saving you a lot of time in the long run.

After the primer is down and dried, begin your paint job by painting a cut-in-line on your ceiling. This is a 5-7cm strip where the ceiling meets the wall. You will need to use a paint brush and a ladder for this part of the process. It’s recommended you start in one corner and go around the room from there. After you’ve finished the cut-in-line, you must begin painting while the cut-in-line is still wet to prevent any streaking. Use your roller to cover the vast expanse of the ceiling.

While another coat is not necessary, it is ultimately up to you if you would like go through the process again for a richer colour. After a bit of preparation, and by knowing what tools to use, painting your ceiling is ultimately no more difficult than painting the walls of your room, which makes this a very doable project for home improvement enthusiasts.

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