Preparing Your Deck Staining Project for Natural & Eco Friendly Paints

With the change of seasons, many find that a re-staining the deck is a manageable DIY project that can vastly improve the exterior physique of one’s home. While it is manageable, there are still several ways this task can go awry, so it’s important to make sure that the conditions are ideal to prevent any mishaps.

First and foremost, clear weather is an absolute must. Look for a dry forecast, as damp wood will not hold stain as well – and if it happens to rain in the 12 to 24 hour period after applying the stain, your whole project could be ruined! The ideal weather forecast is a dry day with temperatures between 10 and 32°C.

Then check the condition of your wooden boards. If the wood is moist, the stain will not adhere well. In fact, it may even peel off or crack as it dries. For the best results, only stain dry boards. Also be mindful of any rotted or eroded boards – as these boards should not be stained. It’s best to replace any boards that have become too worn with age.

It is also important to thoroughly clean your deck before attempting to re-stain it. In order to assure the removal of mildew stains, debris, and dirt, you should use a deck cleaner such as Auro 435 Varnish & Glaze Natural and Eco Friendly Cleaner. The cleaner not only helps restore the wood to its original, natural beauty, but it also forms a strong bond with the stain and allows it to set better for a more vibrant finished product.

If there are flakes of old stain or loose fibres present on your deck, be sure to scrub them off. Use caution, however, when scrubbing off old stain as conventional stains can release harmful particular such as lead into the air. It is suggested to wear a mask during this step of preparation.

While preparing your deck can be time and labor intensive, it makes all the difference in obtaining a pleasing final product that you can be proud of!

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