Auro 688 - For an easy and safe way to eco friendly and naturally clean upholstery

Whether you have a new puppy or an eldery cat, muddy paw prints or bile stains, pet owners are going to encounter a mess at some point.  Although the joy our pets bring us is well worth the loss of a spotlessly clean carpet, it doesn’t mean you have to live with stains.  The important part is finding a natural, eco-friendly cleaner that isn’t harmful to you and your furry family.  This all natural carpet and upholstery cleaning kit from Auro contains everything you’ll need.  Once you’ve got your safe cleaning products, it’s time to renew the life of your carpet!

First, pretreat any stain(s) with a breathable, natural pretreatment agent such as the ones that come with the Auro Texxclean kit.  Agitate the treated spot with a brush to loosen the stain.  Wait 3-5 minutes and wipe up the pretreating agent with a clean cloth.  

Next, use a spray extraction cleaner such as those you can rent at home improvement stores.  Add an eco-friendly carpet cleaner to the extractor’s tank.  Drag the cleaning machine backwards over the treated spot and then go on to clean the rest of your carpet with it so the clean spot won’t stand out.

Between full-on carpet cleanings, use a natural stain remover to spot treat your rugs and upholstery safely and easily.  If your dog or cat continues to have accidents in the same place, they may be smelling previous accidents and thus believing it is somewhere they’re allowed to go.  If thoroughly cleaning the area doesn’t prevent them from going there again, you may need to pull up the carpet and change the carpet pad underneath.

Clean up accidents as soon as possible to help reduce the chance of the smell seeping in too deeply.  Hard floors such as tile and laminate can and should also be cleaned with an
eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaner that won’t be harmful if your pet comes into contact with it.