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Soothe your Space with the Amazing Colours of Natural & Organic Paints

Soothe your Space with the Amazing Colours of Natural & Organic Paints

Posted by The Organic & Natural Paint Co. on 19th May 2014

Bring some peace and harmony into your home with all-natural paints that borrow their colour palette from nature. Soft colours that mimic nature such as pale greens, blues and browns can calm and relax people in their presence, so using organic paints to cover your walls can create a nurturing home that is beneficial occupants as well as better for the environment.

Using a soft brown or taupe colour on your walls will cozy up any room and add a warmth that will remain year-round. In nature, browns are found in tree bark, on rocks, the fur of animals and even the earth itself. The traits of stability, longevity, growth and earthiness they represent can be harnessed when painting with this colour. Taupe and brown are ideal paint colours for bedrooms and dens.

For a brighter warmth that will soothe you heart and soul, peach is a wonderful colour choice. Peach coloured paint is reminiscent of a sunrise and succulent fruits. Its life-giving powers will serve you well in your home through all the seasons. Living rooms and sitting rooms where lots of time is spent are perfect choices for painting with peach.

Pale blues and greys bring a calming influence just like the stones and waters they come from. As they say, the heart of any home is the kitchen, so we recommend using this soothing colour palette there to bring peace to all who reside there.

Pastel shades of green are all about growth and healing. Think of the greens found in nature—leaves, grass, moss and ivy—all of the above spend their lives growing and healing.Borrow some of that positive energy for yourself by painting your walls in a lovely organic green. As we regenerate and recharge during sleep, this colour is wonderful for bedrooms and nurseries.