There are so many clever ways to decorate, it’s hard to settle on just one!  But we’ve found a fun, easy project that will give you stunning results.  Wood staining with stencils is the idea of having a stenciled area that doesn’t absorb the stain, so it remains the natural wood colour while the rest of your piece will take the stain.  You can use this technique on cabinets, furniture, end tables, even a floor!

First of all, you’ll need a stencil, some wood glue, water, old rags or shirts and a good quality natural wood stain.  After taping down the stencil, mix the wood glue with some water and apply it to your stencil using a rag or shirt.  You could also use a paint roller for this step.  As when you use paint on a stencil, start off with a thin coat and work your way up from there.  Once complete, let it dry completely before moving on to the next step.

After your stencil is dry it is time to add your wood stain.  Wood stains come in a variety of colours, so be creative and find a fun shade that will make your finished piece really stand out.  Dip your rag or old shirt in the stain and wipe it over the wood.  You can apply the stain right over the areas you stenciled.  After applying the stain, take a dry rag or shirt and wipe it over your piece to absorb any extra stain.  Let your creation dry for a day or two.

Once dry, you could add more coats of stain to achieve your desired colour saturation.  You can also sand off any rough spots of glue with a fine grit sandpaper.  When you’ve got your creation looking how you want it, add a couple coats of something clear to protect the design.