The Organic and Natural Paint Co. presents a collection of natural interior and exterior eco friendly paint products you can use to not only paint and spruce up your home, but to also nurture the home we all share. We share the same sky, the same oceans and the same wildlife, treasures that are meant to be enjoyed for all time. Meanwhile, you seek to nurture the light within your own home. You wish to breathe life into your home’s walls and floors, hoping to create magic for you, your family and friends.

How can you do that, while allowing the world we all share to flourish? Simple! By purchasing any of The Organic and Natural Paint Co.’s natural and eco friendly products, you’re on your way to creating an eco-friendly environment that’s safe for you and your family to enjoy.

Many products are plagued with solvents, chemicals that devastate our environment. People with sensitive skin and children are susceptible to those poisonous chemicals. When solvents are created and end up in our environment, our natural plants are stripped of their natural oils and decimated in grave numbers. In conventional paint, chemicals are added to the final product for all variety of reasons, resulting in headaches, respiratory ailments and more. Products like the Auro 250 Natural Gloss Paint are totally solvent-free, allowing your home to shine without trouble! The Auro 181 Natural Wood Wax Eco Friendly Wood Protector is made from vegetable and beeswax, bringing your family closer to nature’s pure magic. Chemicals are things of the past with the Auro 124 Interior and Exterior Natural Wood Primer, which is biocide-free. Biocides, like solvents, play a part in destroying nature’s magic, stripping our marine friends of their sanctuary.

By painting and decorating your home with The Organic and Natural Paint Co.’s products, you’ll be creating a home that’s safe for you, your family, your friends and our wildlife friends!