Importance of Creating Colour Illusions For Your Home

Choosing what colours fill your home is important. You want to make sure that they produce the exact atmosphere you were attempting to achieve. This can be difficult, given the infinite amount of options one faces when staring at the sheer amount of colours available.

In order to help with this daunting task, it helps to know just how different colours affect the energy of a space. The following painting tips harness the idea of using colour to create an illusion within a room, which can help you control just how the interior of your home ‘feels.’

Using dark and warm colours

The colours you pick have the potential to visually change the size of a room. The use of dark and warm colours will scale down a large room and make it appear cozy, while a small room can be opened up by applying pale, cool colours onto the walls.

Even the visual height of the ceiling can be played with, as painting your ceiling a colour darker than the walls will “lower” it, while painting it a lighter colour will add height. In addition, if you were to paint parallel walls a darker shade than the other set of walls, it will make the room appear elongated. By merely using different shades of colour, you can toy with the entire perception of a room!

Using accent colours to pull together

The use of accent colours can also pull a room together and promote harmony within it. If you want to create a focal point within your room, use a darker or even complementary –depending on how bold of a statement you would like to make—paint only on the wall you would like to focus on. This automatically guides the human eye to focus on whatever paintings, furniture, or decorum are placed on that side of the room.

By adding light accents to a room, you essentially lighten the patterns and colours of whatever is inside the room. Dark accents will then bring out the darker colours of your living space. By using this to your advantage, you can subtly change the energy your room gives off.

The importance of colour illusions

These colours illusions, once understood, can be harnessed to completely overhaul a room into being something completely different. It adds a fun, new dimension to your interior design that is guaranteed to grab your visitor’s attention – exactly the way you had intended. View the Auro 321 Natural Interior Ceiling & Wall emulsion paint colour range here