Short of buying new furniture, painting your existing furniture is the cheapest, easiest way to freshen up a room.  Perhaps you’re ready for a new colour scheme, or maybe you’re just looking to give your space a facelift.  Either way, look at your furniture with a new eye and think about the options you could create by repainting it.

Brightly painted furniture can be an accent piece that draws the eye as well as drawing the colour scheme of a room together.  Dark colours will cause the piece to appear larger while lighter colours will help the item to blend in to a room.  For example, you may want to paint wall bookshelves a lighter colour so they seem to be parts of the walls, but you’d rather have the eye drawn to your coffee table or end table, so you can paint those a bright colour.  When painting tables that may come into contact with food or liquids, be sure to use an all natural paint that is non-toxic.

Prep your furniture before painting it.  Rough surfaces will need to be sanded, cracks and nail holes will need to be repaired, the overall painting area will need to be cleaned, and depending on whether or not the furniture you’re going to paint has been painted before, you may need to prime the surface with an organic primer.

Paint with the grain for the best finish.  It is better to paint more than one thin coat of paint than one thick one.  Clean drips and overflows immediately so they don’t dry onto your finished piece.  The painting is the fun part!  Watch as your creation emerges and when it’s finally dry and ready to go, relish the moment you place it in its final spot.  Then just sit back and enjoy the new vibe it brings to your home and your heart.