There’s no need to live with an out of date, shabby set of kitchen cabinets any longer! Updating your kitchen is as simple as refinishing the cabinets and perhaps adding some new hardware (e.g. knobs and handles). In the blink of an eye, you’ll feel like you’re standing in a modern, new kitchen.

Because the kitchen holds your food and dishes, be sure to use an organic, all natural wood paint such as a Natural Matte Silk for interiors. These natural paints are non-toxic and safe to use in an eating area. Paint gives you a host of decorative options in the kitchen, you can paint the walls and cabinets in complementary colours, or use the paint to create accent pieces that will draw the eye and wow visitors. You could even paint designs on your kitchen table after priming with an universal eco-friendly primer.

If your idea of a cozy kitchen includes rich wood and earth tones, you may prefer to use organic stains on your cabinets and furniture. If you merely want to revitalise the wood in your kitchen, easy to use oil wax impregnations are perfect for giving your dining area an instant facelift. Its use of vegetable oils, beeswax and resins allows it to penetrate and protect wood surfaces while staying safe enough to eat off of once dry. It’s often only necessary to use one coat, though you could add more for damaged areas.

Your kitchen should be a gathering place, and is often referred to as “the heart of the home.” Whether your kitchen already suits that purpose, or you’re hoping it someday will, you’ll soon find it wasn’t as complicated as you feared to bring your kitchen up to a level you can be proud of!