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Why is using natural paint the better choice over conventional paints?

Why is using natural paint the better choice over conventional paints?

Posted by The Organic & Natural Paint Co. on 17th Nov 2013

When it comes to paint there are basic consideration or guidelines determining the choice of particular brand. Multiple standards and conflicting modes of certification play a major role in conforming that the paint in question is indeed safe.

Though many do not pay much attention to ingredients making up the paint, its highly advisable to know whether a given paint may have drawbacks that would prove to be harmful. Once standard paint has been applied on walls and furniture it continues on a low-level emission state of toxins referred to as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Fortunately, we have natural and organic paints that are Eco friendly, natural paints are an advisable alternative to the normal paints as they do not exhibit toxins offering a perfect substitute to users especially those suffering from chronic illness or high sensitivity to chemical products.

Some of the benefits of the natural paints include: environmental benefits, since there are no toxins the product cannot contaminate water supply, cause imbalance to our soil or deplete the ozone: the leftover paint is also easy to dispose and no need to call any hazardous waste disposal agency: health benefits in form of injury or disease associated with toxins emitted from normal paints is completely avoided: despite this paint having no toxins it is also confirmed to be more effective and durable than the normal paint. The application of this paint is much easier and maintains a high level of hygiene.

When buying natural or non-toxic paints one should ensure that the ingredients list contains only natural pigments, or milk proteins, or plant dyes & essential oils. Chemical colour tints in normal paints are the causes of the emissions or VOCs content.

Some of the drawbacks of non-toxic paints include availability natural paints may not be easy to find, difficulty in matching, non-toxic paints may not come in the same variety of colours as offered by standard paints. Natural paint due to high quality and demand makes it more expensive than normal paint. Most of the drawbacks lie on availability and finding a good manufacturer, this problems once addressed to the correct trusted brand retailers are easily solved.

Non-toxic paint is way better than normal or standard paint. For healthy life and for the sake of the environment it makes more sense to make use of the natural paint that is free of toxic chemicals and as proved more durable and effective.