The days of worrying about using an eco friendly paint due to its propensity to fade quickly and come off when washed are long gone!

Today’s line of eco friendly paint is nearly indistinguishable from standard paint other than the fact that it is safe for both you and the environment. Eco friendly paint is made using naturally occurring ingredients from nature as opposed to standard paints that use harsh and harmful chemicals. In place of petroleum based solvents, eco friendly paint uses water and organic lime.

View the rangeFor pigment options, mineral and plant extracts can be used such as linseed oil and clay. In fact, our line of eco friendly paints are so harmless, any extra paint can be poured right onto your compost pile. We offer a selection of natural wall resin paint and washable wall paint in a wide variety of colours. Any one of these eco friendly paint options would be perfect for your next indoor project.

We stock only the best, so rest assured you are going with a safe and environmentally conscious brand of organic paint. Take the first step towards going green and make the painless transition to eco friendly paint.

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