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  • Auro 668 Natural and Eco Carpet & Upholstery Texxclean Cleaner Pack

 Product Description

Natural eco friendly carpet cleaner, non toxic carpet and upholstery cleaner. Finally we can offer a totally natural and eco friendly, safe and no toxic way to clean your carpets and upholstery. Featuring the Auro 668 Natural Carpet and upholstery cleaning system, available to buy online from us from today. 

Need an eco-friendly way to clean your home? Need an easier, ecological way to get your home sparkling, just in time for birthday parties or holiday parties? The Auro 668 Texxclean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning System will have your home glowing, in a way that’s much more efficient than traditional cleaning systems! 

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This all-in-one cleaning system comes with stain remover spray, carpet pretreatment agent and carpet cleaner. You’ve also got a handbrush and three special cloths for dissolved dirt. How can you beat such a formidable, ecological army when it comes to taking care of your home? Modern consumers crave this spotless, eco-friendly cleaning system. By purchasing the Auro 668 Texxclean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning System, you’ll be joining one of the many customers working to shower their home in a new glow, all the while defending the environment. 

You’ve got a cleaner that spotlessly erases stains, and leaves behind no poisonous residue. Your children and pets can play safely in your home, all on carpets that have retained their natural, fluffy feel! You can breathe easier, thanks to a cleaning system that’s devoid of traditional chemicals! Compl ete with natural, raw materials, and biodegradable, you can clean your living room and bedroom carpets without harming our wildlife friends. Take out those stains on your upholstery, car seats and textiles! Breathe new life into that living room carpet! 

How does this ecological cleaning system work its magic? If you’re ready to take on those carpets, here’s how you tackle the task. Roughen up those rough dirt spots. Pretreat your carpets with the Stain Remover Spray. Carefully dissolve those stains with your Texxclean brush. Wait 3-5 minutes. Rub off the dissolved dirt with one of your cloths from your new cleaning system, or with another clean cloth to the hand. If you’ve got particularly troublesome spots on your child’s bedroom floor, no worries. Take out those worn-out spots with the all-mighty Carpet Pretreatment Agent!

After you’ve gone through the preliminary journey, it’s time to break out your spray extraction cleaner. Rent a spray extraction cleaner from interior decorators, do-it-yourself stores or internet services tailored for house cleaning! Fill your machine’s tank with water and your carpet cleaner, then run your machine. Your machine will do the work during a backwards run, polishing your carpets! Need to revitalize your son’s car seat? No worries: just equip your machine with a special upholstery cleaning nozzle, and you’ll still get the job done!

There you have it. Your home’s glowing from the magic of your Auro 668 Texxclean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning System! You revitalized your home with an ecological cleaning system, and now you can breathe easier. Not only is your home ready for that special birthday party, but you got the job done in an eco-friendly manner! How’s that for home renovation? Buy eco natural carpet cleaner and natural eco upholstery cleaner online today. 


Full declaration:
Please see the respective declarations for the single system components, AURO Stain remover spray no. 667, AURO Carpet pretreatment agent no. 665 , and AURO Carpet cleaner no. 669. (See Auro.de)

Auro Natural Paints

Natural Carpet Cleaner - Eco Friendly Non Toxic Upholstery Cleaning - Auro 668

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