• What To Look For in a Kitchen Paint?

What To Look For in a Kitchen Paint?

When it comes to kitchen paint, a lot of brands fail to create one that is eco-friendly, safe and performs well. The focus is more on creating ideal paint for bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, which often leave the kitchen neglected. If you’re wondering why it’s so important to have great quality and a specific paint for the kitchen, then you’ll find the answers below. If you look closely at the kitchen, you’d realise [...]

  • The Dangers of Chemical Exposure to the Painter and Decorator from Petrochemical House Paints

The Dangers of Chemical Exposure to the Painter and Decorator from Petrochemical House Paints

Introduction to chemical exposure for painters and decorators. Household paints are undoubtedly one of the most integral visual components of a building. A good combination of colour accents and nice, even coats can enhance the indoor outlook by a great degree during construction and renovation phases, which is why choosing the right paint for your home is really important. While paints have the potential to soothe the ambiance and elevate the indoor environment, they often [...]

  • Vegan Paint, Natural Vegan Wall Paint for your home

Vegan and Cruelty Free Paint – Is it worth it?

The Truth about Vegan Paint If you’ve ever browsed for paint and paint products, you would know that the stores are filled with a range of brands offering a huge variety of paint products. There are vegan interior and exterior paints, eco-paints, breathable paints, low-VOC paints and so many more. With so many options, how do you settle for one? While it is important to find the paint that compliments the aesthetics of your dream [...]

  • Indoor Air Quality

What is Indoor Air Quality? Why it matters.

In our fast-paced lifestyles, we have become used to working long hours behind four walls – whether our work is in a corporate sector, the food industry, the public health domain, or practically anywhere. Most of us are more indoors now than we are out, so it has become imperative that not only do we keep our indoor environment just as healthy as we want it to be outside, but should also focus on [...]

  • How to get rid of black mould on walls with natural products?

How to get rid of black mould on walls with natural products?

How to get rid of mould on walls with natural anti mould products, yes it’s possible to be chlorine free! It’s that time of year when it seems to have been raining non stop for weeks, everything is getting soggy and damp outside, and our walls have been permanently soaked through for ages. If we’re not careful we can see black mould spores starting to appear on our internal walls, (or even the white mould [...]

What’s Driving the Sustainable Interior Design Movement?

Sustainable interior design has come a long way. From being exclusively the preserve of the counter-culture it has become part of the mainstream, with sustainable practices benefiting from an extra dash of zeitgeist-grabbing cool.But despite the cultural success of the ecological movement, the old ways still persist. Many materials are sourced from unregulated sources which threaten local ecosystems, and many decorating products rely heavily on noxious chemicals which remain in the environment. As well as natural [...]

  • Creating a Low Carbon Home | So what can you do to contribute to the global effort?

Creating a Low Carbon Home | So what can you do to contribute to the global effort?

With the world's largest countries continuing to rely on burning hydrocarbon fuels, cutting carbon emissions has never been more important. So what can you do to contribute to the global effort? Today we're looking at ways to shrink your footprint and create a low carbon home, giving you the power to make a real difference. Following news last year that the UK government has scrapped targets which would ensure that all new homes in Britain [...]

​Simple ways to make your home more efficient and save money each year

  Do you want to save money and energy? Are you concerned about environmental protection and the efficient energy management of your home? If you are thinking how to provide comfort to your family while saving you money, there are some simple steps you can take to make your home more efficient and lower your energy bills. According to data, space heating (45%) and cooling (9%) combined with water heating (18%) account for 72% of [...]

  • Eco Home

​Basic principles & goals of bioclimatic design for the eco & sustainable home

Basic principles and goals of bioclimatic design   The terms “green building” or “bioclimatic design” refer to the design of buildings and facilities based on local climate, aimed at providing thermal and visual comfort with minimal consumption of conventional energy while utilising other sources of renewable energy. Bioclimatic design is very important and its correct application benefits both humans and the environment. Especially nowadays, the maintenance cost of a building is a big part of [...]

The Dangers of Mould in your Home – Protect your family the natural way

Mould can be found everywhere—in the air, on many surfaces, any damp areas.  What does that mean for us, especially when the mould is found in your own home?  It means you are at risk for one of the many harmful effects that mould exposure can wreak on the human body.  Some people are more sensitive to mould than others, so depending on the type of mould you’re dealing with, your symptoms could range from [...]

  • Toxins in paint

Understanding The Dangers Of VOCs And Toxins In Standard Paints

It’s always suggested that you paint in a well-ventilated area due to the fumes that are released.  In fact, the chemicals that are being released are called Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs.  The strong smell and instant headache you’ll get when inhaling these vapors is a dead giveaway that they aren’t good for you.  While much of the VOCs leave the paint as it dries, did you know there are harmful chemicals still being released for [...]