We have initially promoted Nutshell paints in the past, but right now we recommend the range of Graphenstone Paints which we feel are the best you can buy right now. Graphestone have better eco credentials than any of the other ‘natural’ paints on the UK market, and they also the most easy to use! There is no reason to buy any other brand in our opinion!

Our selection of Nutshell paints are manufactured to be environmentally friendly, energy efficient and VOC free as well as beautiful and easy to use. Each of their products has been efficiently manufactured using raw materials found in nature. In addition to protecting the environment, Nutshell paints protect humans from the harmful effects that chemical based paints produce. You can use them in your home or business without having to vacate the area being painted which saves time and money, all while giving you the peace of mind that you are doing your part to reduce mankind’s impact on the environment.

Nutshell takes a holistic approach when it comes to gathering materials for their paints, manufacturing the products, disposing of waste and even during packaging. Some of their product lines include VOC free emulsions, gloss, satin and undercoats, wood treatments, varnishes, stains and exterior emulsions. Additionally, Nutshell has been very innovative in creating new products including an exciting thermo emulsion that keeps homes and businesses that are painted with this product warmer in the winter and cooler in the spring. Check out our organic paints and see the difference for yourself!

In the past, environmentally friendly paints have been notoriously expensive and sometimes difficult to acquire. Why would a green product that has minimal impact on the environment be placed out of reach of everyday consumers who would most benefit from it? Well Nutshell Paints is ready to do something about it. They’ve put together a wonderful, affordable, environmentally friendly line of holistic organic and natural paints and painting products that are commercially available to you, the environmentally conscious home and business owner.  The organic paints in Nutshell’s collection are manufactured in clean, efficient factories with minimum carbon footprints. The all natural organic materials that go into their paints are breathable and do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which makes them safe for use within the homes and businesses of allergy and asthma sufferers, pet owners, parents with young children, high traffic stores and much more. Nutshell prides themselves on using only raw materials such as oils, herbs and minerals. In fact, from the process of gathering the raw materials and manufacturing them all the way down to application, disposal and packaging, Nutshell takes a completely holistic approach.  We are very excited to include Nutshell Paints in our movement towards an eco-friendly world.