As one of the UK’s Natural paint suppliers we make it our duty to bring you, the environmentally concerned consumer, organic and natural paints that have minimal impact on the environment with the added bonus of being non-toxic to both humans and animals.

But how do you know if the product being advertised as organic and natural is the real deal? There are a couple things you can look for to ensure you’re getting the eco friendly product you are paying good money for.

First off, a truly natural paint supply company will have no problem showing you a list of ingredients that go into their products. If ingredient lists are hidden, it’s a pretty good bet that non natural and organic ingredients are also hidden inside the product you believed to be green! Those companies that offer natural paint supplies along with readily available ingredient lists are generally legit.

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Finally, do some research on the natural paint suppliers to see how they manufacture their products. Some labels will falsely state they are organic when in fact they may just have reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) concentrations.

Look for a zero – VOC natural paint supplier who is being conscious of their impact on the environment from harvest to packaging. Purchasing your natural paint supplies shouldn’t have to be a chore. Just use common sense and make sure you’re well informed.