We’re often asked what’s the best natural paint stripper, so we thought we would write an article to help. Time will come that you will need to strip that old paint coat off because its worn out over time. However using chemical based paint remover can be a daunting nightmare. One, some paint removers that come too strong may damage the underlying wood. Thus, sanding can be too dusty and in return may cause skin irritation. Or worse, it can cause serious damage like lead exposure.

Here are common health risks you may encounter every time you use these chemicals around your home. Respiratory problems and skin irritation are often caused by methylyne chloride, which is a non-flammable solvent based remover, worst, it has been understood that it could even trigger a heart attack because it metabolised to carbon monoxide in the bloodstream. Same effects may happen for methanol and toluene based paint removers. Least hazardous effects may come from using ethanol and acetone based paint stripper. Regardless, which has the most or least health hazards, the bottomline is it still damages ones health, which may later on lead to more serious problems. Our family’s health should always be considered in choosing what to use in your household.

Ever since natural paint has been popular in the market, other manufacturers went all natural in the product like, they do offer a paint stripper that is breathable, non toxic, eco friendly, and all natural. Their paint remover is made of alkaline emulsion based and ingredients like orange, linseed, and eucalyptus oil. It is promised that this natural paint stripper is filled with nature’s goodness! It will take off that old coat in no time, whatever the color may be.

So next time you feel like doing some painting, repainting, and paint stripping renovations, be sure to go for natural paint and other materials and read the brand’s labels, or if you are in doubt or not too sure about it, it is best to consult a professional.  Hopefully that has helped you decide what is the best natural paint stripper you can buy in the UK at the moment.

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