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Natural Anti Moulds

Natural Anti Mould 3 in 1 - Non Toxic Eco Friendly Mould Removal

A 100% natural mould remover and non toxic mould cleaning system, giving you everything you need to take care of stubborn, troublesome mould. This convenient set ensures that you are receiving all of Auro's excellent natural mould eliminating products for the best price possible. 1L / 500ml / 500ml

This all in one mould removal system gives you everything you need to permanently and naturally remove the mould inside your home. Including a mould eliminator, mould preventer, and mould resistant paint, this is the ultimate way to ensure your surfaces remain free of stubborn, unsightly mould.

Conventional mould cleaning products often contain chlorines which can cause emissions and damage surfaces, however the Auro 414 Natural Anti Mould System is 100% natural, safe, and free of toxic additives.

This natural eco-friendly anti-mould set does not have any of these harsh chemicals, but it doesn't skimp on power. Auro 412 Mould eliminator and Auro 413 Mould Stop are peroxide based natural cleaners that come in very easy to use spray bottles that make for an extremely simple usage. After using these two, the 1L of 327 anti-mould paint is the perfect product to finish off with as it will ensure the mould will not return.

Natural Mould Spray - Non Toxic & Eco Friendly Mould Eliminator

The perfect solution for dealing with stubborn mould issues, especially in areas with poor ventilation. Thanks to its safe, non-toxic formulation, you will be able to clean mould without the harmful emissions of conventional anti mould products.
This high quality natural Mould Spray. eco friendly and non toxic mould spray by Auro Paint - this excellent eco friendly anti mould spray is both non toxic and safe for use around the home to get rid of mould build up and spores.

Realising you have mould in your house is so stressful and having to deal with it is even worse. Luckily, Auro has made the 412 Mould Eliminator that is here to help you effectively handle your mould problem in the easiest way possible. Auro truly has made it extremely convenient and hassle free to deal with stubborn mould with their user friendly spray bottle.

Most powerful cleaners are very dangerous on the skin but luckily this natural eco-friendly product is made completely free of any chlorine and is 100% non caustic. It is hard to believe that such a strong mould eliminating product can be so natural, breathable, and suitable to use on various surface. It works great on tiles, walls, plastic, and wood and is absolutely necessary if you're looking for the first step permanent mould removal from your home.

Application of this product is very easy. No need to get your hands in harsh chemical solutions to destroy your mould as all you have to do is simply spray down the area, let it soak for an hour, and wipe down with a damp cloth. You can even let this powerful cleaner soak overnight in severe situations and it will indeed get the job done. Also take note that this product will not bleach the areas where mould has stained your surfaces. It simply works to kill off the mould spores before the over-painting process.

Natural Anti Mould Paint - Breathable Interior Eco Wall Paint

If you're looking for a natural paint product which will help you eliminate mould, Auro 327 Natural Anti Mould Paint is just what you need. This eco friendly and non toxic anti mould paint offers preventative protection against moulds and spores, without compromising on Auro's usual superb finish.

Auro 327 is a white preventative mould protection paint that works by using its high PH value to stop mould growth in its tracks. This natural and eco-friendly anti-mould solution is perfect for areas such as window surrounds and bathrooms where ventilation is a problem. Thanks to its special formulation, it prevents mildew and mould build up over time, helping you to maintain a spotless finish.

Auro 327 is a great natural alternative to standard anti-mould paints, though unlike chemical-heavy products, it is totally free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and is breathable. This paint is part of the Auro 414 Anti Mould System, and can be used with Auro 412 mould eliminator and Auro 413 Mould stop. This is a lime based anti mild paint, so it is a great solution to keep older walls breathing if they have a constant issue with damp.

Most anti-mould systems use removal agents such as chlorine compounds and synthetic toxins. However, Auro 327 and Auro 413 use perfectly natural peroxide and offer a totally safe and throughly tested mould removal and painting solution.

For excellent results in tackling actual mould growth, we recommend the prior use of AURO Mould eliminator No. 412 and AURO Mould stop No. 413 . We offer all three products together as part of Anti-mould system box (No. 414)

If you do intend to tint this paint, we recommend a maximum of 2.5% of the Auro 350 natural as the more you use, the more you will reduce the anti mould properties.

Sold in white only
Can be self tinted using Auro 350 Natural Colour Concentrates *
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Lightly textured finish (similar to small grains) from the natural milled lime.
If you are looking for a high grade interior and exterior paint with 100% natural anti mould properties, make sure you order Auro 327 Natural Anti Mould Paint




Natural mould remover, non toxic and eco friendly mould remover and eliminator.


When it comes to defeating stubborn mould, Auro 413 Mould Stop is the perfect natural solution. This natural mould remover and preventer is non toxic and eco friendly, and makes the ideal organic alternative to conventional anti-mould products. Combining effective mould prevention with a high-powered cleaning action, this is the ideal product to have on hand in properties with stubborn damp problems.

Auro 413 Mould Stop is the ideal product to use immediately after Auro 412 Mould Eliminator to ensure that you have one hundred percent permanently eliminated your mould problem. This simple-to-apply formulation makes it easy and convenient to take care of mould without recourse to harsh chemicals.

Thanks to its natural peroxide base, Auro 413 is great at tackling stubborn mould. The mess-free spray lets you apply the solution even in hard-to reach areas, and ensures an even, thorough coverage.

Thanks to its zero emission design, Auro 413 can be used in areas with poor ventilation, and can even be applied directly to windows and tiles to inhibit mould growth. This product is suitable for use on all kinds of surfaces, from wood and tiles to glass and stone.

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If you're looking for a natural alternative conventional anti-mould products, make sure you order Auro 413 Mould Stop online today.