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Natural Beeswax Balsam For Wooden Furniture

Natural Furniture Balsam Beeswax for wooden furniture.

Natural Beeswax Balsam for wooden furniture is an excellent non toxic, safe and eco friendly high quality finish for furniture. The beeswax balsam is made from 100% beeswax and plant wax, resulting in a wonderfully subtle natural citrus fragrance. The natural way to give interior surfaces and furniture a honey coloured breathable finish

This exceptional furniture finish is derived from natural beeswax to create a uniquely natural tone and to form a layer of natural protection. Suitable on all kinds of wooden surfaces, including cork, this natural, non toxic balsam finish has a pleasant, subtle odour, and is safe for use even in kids rooms, nurseries, and on wooden toys.

Simple to apply, and naturally dirt repellent, Natural Beeswax Balsam offers an easy, effective, and attractive way to care for your wooden surfaces. To apply, simply rub on with a cloth or rag ball, then polish to your desired finish.

  • Suitable for cork
  • Perfect wax protection
  • For refining of furniture
  • For all types of wood
  • Water and dirt repellant

If you're looking for a natural wood finish that's quick, simple, and naturally dirt repellent, Natural Beeswax Balsam online today.