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Natural & Eco Friendly Cleaners

Natural Garden Furniture Cleaner - Eco Non Toxic Decking Cleaning

If you're looking for a powerful outdoor cleaning formula which is gentle and eco-friendly, then Natural Garden Furniture and Decking Cleaner is for you. Remove algae, moss, and soiling from wooden, stone, decking, and concrete terraces without using harsh chemicals, and keep your great outdoors looking its best.

Garden furniture is often made of heavy, oily woods such as teak and woods with their own delicate oil balance, such as wicker. Teak wood contains silica, which repels fungus, water damage, discoloring, warping, splintering, and swelling, while wicker can be made from any type of palm plant, such as rattan, and has exceptional resistance to temperature changes. In order to maximise and retain these properties, teak and wicker should be treated periodically with  Natural Garden Furniture and Decking Cleaner.

 Natural Garden Furniture and Decking Cleaner has a strong, natural cleaning power which helps to effectively remove unsightly soilings and greying of garden furniture. It is suitable for all wood types and can be diluted in water. With a pleasant, fresh citrus smell, the product is a joy to use, and thanks to its natural, organic formula is safe and environmentally friendly.

This product is best used diluted in water, with a recommended dosage for average dirtiness of 25ml of cleaner in 5L of water (meaning, this cleaner has the potential to work in 100L of water).
Remove coarse grime by brushing or sweeping

Add Garden Furniture cleaner to warm water. For medium-soiled surfaces, add 3 sealing caps (approx. 25 ml) of cleaner to 5 L of warm water. For severe soilings raise the dosage accordingly.

Rub down the furniture vigorously with a cloth, sponge, or brush. Wipe off with clear water and let dry.
Afterwards treat wood with one of the  Garden Furniture oils to protect garden furniture while keeping it beautiful all summer.

This cleaner is a great choice for gardens where children and pets play. Its natural ingredients do not leave any residues, and their biological degradation is completed within 18 days.


Natural Wooden Floor Cleaner, Non Toxic Wood & Furniture Cleaning

An organic wood floor cleaner, offering a non toxic and eco friendly alternative to conventional floor and furniture cleaners. If you've been looking for a low-odour, organic cleaner for wood floors which can deal with even heavy oil and soot deposits, this is the ideal addition to your home cleaning cupboard.

Designed to keep wooden floors and furniture looking pristine without toxic additives or harsh chemical agents,Natural Express Power Cleaner is a multisurface, multipurpose natural cleaner in a 500ml spray jet bottle for maximum convenience.

This natural and eco friendly wooden floor and furniture cleaner effortlessly removes tough dirt, old wax layers, oil and soot deposits, leaving behind a pleasant, fresh citrus fragrance. Combining undeniable cleaning power with real green credentials, this is the ultimate eco-conscious cleaning cupboard essential.

Easy to apply and quick acting, this food-safe and VOC-free cleaner is the natural and eco-friendly choice, as well as a powerful enemy of dirt and grime. A great natural solution in a market flooded with cheap, irresponsibly manufactured cleaners.


Natural Carpet Cleaner - Eco Friendly Non Toxic Upholstery Cleaning

If you're looking for a natural, eco-friendly carpet and upholstery cleaning solution for your environmentally conscious home, let us introduce you to the  Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning System. This natural, organic alternative to conventional cleaners is gentle and non-toxic, without sacrificing stain-busting power.

This natural eco-friendly carpet and upholstery cleaner is non-toxic and safe for use even in kids' rooms and nurseries. This all-in-one cleaning system comes with stain remover spray, carpet pretreatment agent and carpet cleaner. It also includes a specially designed handbrush and three special cloths for dissolved dirt.

Made from 100% natural natural raw materials, every element of this set including the cloths is 100% biodegradable. With a gentle yet effective cleaning action designed to get at both tricky stains and everyday dirt, An indispensable must have for your cleaning cupboard.

So how does this ecological cleaning system work? First, pretreat your carpets with the Stain Remover Spray, and carefully spot clean those stains with your brush. Wait 3-5 minutes. Now, rub off the dissolved dirt with one of the cloths. Finish by leaving to dry, then vacuuming thoroughly.


Natural Surface Cleaner & Non Toxic Wooden Floor Cleaning

Floor Care formula offers you unbeatable floor protection with a natural, eco-friendly formulation that won't harm the environment. Whether you're caring for a new wood floor or an older home, can help to keep your oiled wooden floors free of dust, oil, and other potentially damaging buildups.

With a PH value of 8.3, and with an easily thinnable concentrate, this product is safe for you, your family and your pets. Protect the natural beauty of your surfaces and wooden floors with this product made from a blend of plant soaps and natural sugar detergents.

This natural floor care is best used on wooden floors and surfaces that have been treated with oils. We recommend you use this product after every three washes of Floor Cleaner, as your Floor Care formula will be able to refresh the natural dirt repellent properties of your oil finish.


Natural Floor Cleaner - Non Toxic Eco Friendly Floor Cleaning

If you want a perfect sheen without harsh chemicals or nasty emissions, then Floor Cleaner is for you. This natural floor cleaner is eco friendly and non toxic, and lets you get the look you want without compromising the environment. Specially formulated to offer maximum cleaning power with no emissions or chemical residues, this fantastic floor cleaner is a kitchen-cupboard must-have. 500ml

If you have any floors that are treated with floor paints, oils, or waxes than this product is the ideal universal floor cleaner. The Floor Cleaner is made to ensure that your wooden floors always stay looking beautiful, and to help you deal with everyday grime and sudden spills alike. This eco-friendly product is also suitable to use on linoleum, laminate flooring, and tiles, making it an extremely versatile kitchen cupboard essential.


Natural Floor Wipes - Non Toxic & Eco Friendly Floor Cleaning With Wax

 Floor Wipes combine convenience and environmental sensitivity in one powerful package. These disposable, eco friendly and non toxic wipes are made with one hundred percent compostable natural fleece, making them a rare disposable item which doesn't contribute to landfill or paper usage.

As well as being able to be used by hand, these cleverly designed wipes are designed to fit on any conventional wiper or squeegee. They can be used on all types of wood, making them the ideal way to keep your wooden floors gleaming.  wipes are also suitable for cork and laminate surfaces, making them a truly indispensable cleaning cupboard must-have.

Using disposable wipes is a great way to ensure maximum hygiene, especially in childrens' rooms, and in bathrooms and kitchens. But as effective as disposable wipes are, they are usually hard to recycle, and end up contributing to humanity's excess paper usage. wipes are made from sustainable, biodegradeable natural fleece, which means you can keep your wooden furniture and floors cleaned to perfection without compromising your values.

Each package contains ten wipes with each wipe being able to clean areas up to 20 square meters depending on the amount of dirt on the surface. Completely non-toxic, and perfect for use with a variety of floor cleaning products,  wipes can be used on bare wood, oiled wood, or waxed wood.


Natural Plant Soap Concentrate for Powerful Cleaning

 Plant Soap is an all purpose organic cleaning solution that offers powerful yet gentle cleaning. This incredibly versatile product can be used for all kinds of purposes around the home, whether as a hand soap, surface cleaner, furniture cleaner, and floor soap. The ultimate addition to any, kitchen cupboard, it's a mystery how you've lived without it.
This natural plant soap is eco friendly and non toxic and strong enough to clean paint brushes. As well as letting you clean decorating tools, this soap is also ideal as a gentle natural hand soap as well as for cleaning furniture surfaces. Natural plant soap is suitable for ceramics, stone, unglazed tiles, plastics, linoleum and stainless steel

Please make sure you don't use this product on coated surfaces. We would also recommend that you can use this eco friendly plant soap concentrate for cleaning your paint brushes and rollers after using our range of water based paints. It has a pleasant odour and is moderately alkaline with an approximate PH value of 9.5. This natural plant soap is best used for light to moderately soiled surfaces.