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Natural Lye

Auro 401,402,404

Natural Softwood Lye - Scandi Look Soap Lye Wooden Floors

Natural Softwood Lye for wooden floors is the perfect way to create and maintain a light-coloured, Scandinavian-style wooden floor. This natural lye with a slightly white pigmentation is designed for new, sanded, and solid coniferous interior wood. It imparts an open-pored, completely moisture vapour-permeable finish with a very light-coloured and natural look.

This high quality lye is best applied with a brush, wide paint brush, or foam roller. A top quality eco friendly and natural softwood lye, it is the perfect all natural approach for getting a beautiful finish.

Highly recommended for use on low-traffic rooms like bedrooms or guest rooms as the product is only slightly dirt-repellent.

Due to the product's alkaline state, colour changes of the treated wood surfaces occur, which may differ even for the same kind of wood and therefore should be determined by preliminary tests on the object. It is best applied using alkali-resistant paint brushes, area spreaders, or foam plastic rollers.

Supplied ready to use in 2L container

Coverage: 20m2 / L

Composed of water, calcium hydroxide, titanium dioxide, potassium lye, titanium dioxide, and cellulose ether, the product dries whitish-transparent.

Suitable for new non-yellowed or ground down to non-yellowed layers solid coniferous wood indoors; unsuitable for hardwood and cross-grained wood (for example, wooden pavement
The substrate must be firm, dry, absorbent, clean, grease-free, and free from breaking-through ingredients
Allow to dry thoroughly, thereby ensuring adequate circulation of air; walk on treated floors only after allowing them to dry completely

Natural Hardwood Lye - Slightly White Scandi Look Floors

Ideal for creating light-coloured, Scandinavian-style wooden floors without using conventional chemical-heavy products. This floor lye is lightly pigmented with white and is specially formulated for new, sanded, solid deciduous wood indoors. If you're aiming to create the archetypal Scnadinavian look, this is the perfect all-natural way to capture this unique and relaxing style.

Providing an open-pored, entirely moisture vapour-permeable finish with a very light-coloured and natural look, this product is ideal for use in less-frequented rooms such as bedrooms or guest rooms, as it is only slightly dirt repellent. This ready-to-use lightly pigmented lye for pre-treatment and keeping bright new ground hardwood before treatment with wood soaps. This is only for indoor use and is unsuitable for coniferous softwood.

Ingredients: water, citrates, alcohol, titanium dioxide, xanthane, orange oil, rosemary oil, titanium dioxide, xanthane, swelling clay, and gum arabic.

Notes on use:

Apply with a brush, wide paint brush, or foam roller; use only acid-resistant tools
Following application, treat with wood Soap
Supplied ready to use in 2L container
Coverage: 20m2
Can be further treated with Auro 403 or 404 after about 4-16 hours depending on the air circulation rate,environmental humidity and temperature. Considerable drying delay is possible under high relative humidity, at low temperatures and when ventilation is poor or large amounts are applied.

Natural Wood Soap For Lye & Soap Treated Floors - White

Natural wood soap floor cleaner. Ideal for light-coloured, Scandinavian-style wooden floors.

Looking for an all natural cleaning alternative for lye-treated wooden floors? Natural Wood Soap White is the perfect solution, offering incredible cleaning power with unique 100% natural formulation. Designed to offer maximum cleaning power on interior wooden floors, this natural wood soap is the perfect way to maintain a classic Scandinavian look.

Natural wood soap floor cleaner. Ideal for light-coloured, Scandinavian-style wooden floors, this wood soap works best for cleaning interior solid wood floors treated with lye. Higher concentration is recommended for initial cleaning, and lower concentration for regular cleaning and maintenance of floors. Get the classic white light Scandinavian wooden floor look today with this eco friendly, sustainable and natural wood soap.

Notes on use:

Wood soap is supplied undiluted; to dilute,use 1 part soap to 10 parts water (i.e., mix 100ml soap into 1L water)
Sold in either 2 Litres or tester sample sizes

Initially should be rubbed in using a polish machine with polishing pad; within 15 minutes remove any excess that has not been absorbed, allow approx 4-6 hours apply another coat (allow 2-3 coats)
For cleaning and care, mop the floor with your 1:10 dilution and allow to dry

Supplied undiluted in a 2L container, which will make enough diluted solution to cover approx 50m2
This product contains water, titanium dioxide, alcohol, glycerine, citrates, potash, sunflower oil, palm kernel oil, coconut fat, soya oil, castor oil, and rapeseed oil.