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Natural Oil Based Paint

Natural Wood Stain Interior & Exterior Oil Based Silk Gloss
Natural Wood Stain offers an eco friendly, breathable, and non toxic alternative to conventional wood stain products, allowing you to minimise emissions and give your wood the gentle, 100% natural protection it deserves. This top quality natural, eco friendly and non toxic oil based wood stain is suitable for both interior and exterior use.
This excellent natural oil timber treatment offers penetrative protection, and dries to a semi translucent finish with a silk gloss feel. allows wood to breathe and does not need stripping when re-coating. Suitable for interior and exterior wood, this product contains natural orange oil solvent. This is a natural solvent, so while it is far safer than conventional solvents, we still don't recommend using it in poorly ventilated areas.
The natural orange oil gives incredible durability, making it the perfect external wood application, where it will last up to 8 years as an external finish. It can be used as interior finish, but just be aware of the need for proper ventilation to aid the drying process.

Clean tools with Natural Thinners and rinse with our Natural plant soap
This product is an oil-based natural oil timber treatment, and will allow your wood to breathe. TheNatural Resin Oil Stain provides your wooden floors, cupboards and wooden furniture with a transparent wood protective coating, without priming.
If you're using one of the many colours on offer, apply 2-3 coats on your exterior wood surfaces, or use only one coat inside your home.
Colours: Orange, Yellow, Red Brown, Green, Umbra, Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Dark brown, Dark Blue, Ultramarine, Grey, Dark red, Clear, Ochre brown, Pastel Orange, Black, White
If you're looking for a safe, natural woodstain that's made to last, make sure you order Natural Wood Stain online today.
Natural Oil Based Undercoat in White
was an undercoat rather than a primer, so if a primer is needed then I'd use Auro 117 - and really just on external wood. 

In place of an undercoat and even a primer you can just thin
Natural Oil Based Gloss Paint - Eco Gloss for Interiors & Exteriors in White
Natural Oil Based Gloss Paint is a superb natural oil based matt silk paint for wood. Eco friendly, breathable, and non toxic, lets you create a perfect finish without the harsh chemicals found in many conventional paint products.
This excellent natural eco friendly oil based gloss paint for exterior use (and interior use) is perfectly suited to the UK's damper conditions, and has been relaunched due to public demand. Due to not containing chemical solvents and hardeners this paint is long lasting and less prone to cracking due to it's flexibility.
uses natural orange oil based thinners, so although this is a low VOC we would recommend it for outdoor uses only. It could be used indoors, but the water based gloss would be your better option. This natural paint is dust dry in 6 to 9 hours, and recoatable in 24hrs. Full hardness is reached in around 3 days.
We would recommend you use Undercoat for best results
Natural Oil Based Satin Matt Paint - Eco Satin for Interiors in White
Natural Oil Based Satin Matt is a 100% natural oil based wood paint that's perfect for giving a smooth, silky matt finish to match any conventional paint product. Eco friendly, breathable, and non toxic, best selling natural oil based satin matt paint for interiors, and is the ideal way to create a superb finish without harsh chemicals or additives.
This excellent white natural oil based satin matt paint is for interior use only. Natural Oil Based Satin Matt gives you a quality satin paint that flows beautifully and is perfect for all internal and interior woodwork.

Unlike the acrylic alternative, this natural matt paint isn't prone to cracking or peeling and is tough and durable. This paint uses orange oil solvent rather than a chemical alternative, but this does still class as high VOC so we would recommend good ventilation when painting with this product.