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Natural Wood & Floor Oil Paints and Waxes

Natural Teak Oil - Eco Friendly & Non Toxic Garden Furniture Oil

Natural Teak Oil is a specially formulated natural teak oil designed specially to keep garden furniture looking its best. This eco friendly and non toxic garden furniture oil is the perfect way to refresh older furniture or ensure new wooden garden furniture stays looking its best for years to come.

If your wooden garden furniture is in need of some attention, then Teak Oil and Garden Furniture Oil is the perfect solution. With its gentle but long lasting action it penetrates the structure of the wood, sealing it against moisture and helping to prevent aging. This furniture care is suitable for all wood types, and even comes with a natural citrus fragrance. This natural, eco-friendly furniture care comes in a variety of colours, including a natural shade, which allows the original colour of your wooden furniture to shine through with an added white pigment to offset any colour. You can also choose from Teak Oil and Bangkirai shades to create the look you want.

This natural solvent-based oil will protect your furniture from UV damage, shielding it from the sun's rays and keeping it vibrant all year round. Apply one coat of Teak Oil at the beginning of the summer, and another coat in autumn for radiant furniture that will last through rain, sleet or snow.

For best results, apply the  Teak Oil and Garden Furniture Oil with a cloth or brush. Make sure you clean and sand your furniture first, so the product will be able to penetrate the wood and create a protective barrier. Once you've allowed your garden furniture to dry for 24 hours, it's ready for use, or for additional coats.Extra coats can enhance the radiance of your garden furniture, letting you bring out the glow of the wood, while protecting it against the elements.



Natural Wooden Floor Oil - One Coat Eco Friendly & Non Toxic

Natural One-Off Wood Oil is a high quality organic wooden floor oil, specially formulated to offer a natural and eco friendly alternative to conventional products. Suitable for use on raw wood surfaces,  offer durable protection against the elements and form a dirt-repellent layer on the surface of the wood.

This solvent-free, natural care products will provide a magical touch to your raw wood surfaces, devoid of the harsh chemicals found in many conventional products. The white pigmentation  effectively counteracts the darkening of wood which occurs when using oil-based finishes, to leave a natural wood tone. It is particularly suitable for light-coloured woods such as maple, ash and birch, and also high-tannin woods such as oak and cherry.

A single application of these natural oils is sufficient in lending your wooden furniture a breath of fresh air! Just apply with a brush, roller or non-fluffing cloth.

Apply the natural care oil up to three times on especially absorbent areas, and remove the surplus oil with a metal or plastic spatula. Clean with a soft cloth to maintain the silky finish, and let the oil's natural dirt and moisture repelling properties care for your wood.

If you're looking for a hard wearing, one coat wood finish with no harsh chemicals this is great


Natural Decking Oil - Breathable Eco Friendly Non Toxic Wooden Terrace Oil

Natural Terrace Oil is an eco friendly and non toxic garden decking oils designed to offer an organic, environmentally friendly alternative to conventional wood treatments. Offering sustainable, safe natural formulation plus flawless performance, this is the ideal way to create the exterior look you want while protecting your deck, naturally.

Natural and 100% organic,  Terrace Oil gives your wooden terraces an elegant shine, whether old or new. This is a natural solvent based oil, suitable for all wood types, and offers UV protection and improved weather resistance. Creates excellent breathable surfaces in a selection of sophisticated shades, your terraces will be alive with refined natural allure in no time.

Shield your wooden terraces against the elements with this water-and-dirt-repellant care. As it is absorbed into timber, the oil breathes new life into tired fibres, leaving wood refreshed, flake-free, and ready for whatever the season can bring. As well as looking great, this treatment also features fantastic UV protection.

Natural Wood Oil For Wooden Floors - Breathable Hard Oil

Natural wood Oil is a breathable oil designed for interior wooden floors, offering a 100% natural, eco friendly and non toxic alternative to conventional wooden floor oils. Combining outstanding performance with environmental sustainability and very low emissions, this is the perfect product for environmentally conscious homes.

Hard Oil is an excellent transparent natural and vegan friendly oil for wooden floors and flooring, as well as for similar intensively used indoor areas.  Hard Oil is the perfect choice if you are looking for a solvent free and totally breathable, easy to use product. It gives a beautiful honey coloured highly durable finish that is both water and dirt repellent.

We would recommend applying two coats of  Hard Oil, or one base coat and finish with the  Hard Wax You could also use 2 coats plus wax if you would like, or in light traffic areas such as bedrooms then you can usually get away with just a single coat, but we'd always recommend two coats for durability.

Overall this is an excellent 'standard' honey coloured and solvent free finish which creates a beautiful surface.

If you're looking for a natural, organic hard oil for floors, this is great


1 Coat Natural Wood Oil & Wax For Wooden Floors

Natural oil and wax for wood - This 2-in-1 product is perfect for the the weekend DIY enthusiast: Just one application and your wooden floor is both oiled and waxed. Suitable for untreated or pre-oiled wood, this eco-friendly wax can be applied using a roller, brush, or spatula.

This solvent-free oil-wax is ideal for for one-coat treatment of wooden surfaces and high-traffic floors; it also works for other interior wood surfaces such as furniture and children's toys. It contains a sophisticated combination of natural resins and waxes that together create a durable, water-resistant finish and sealer that enhances and maintains the beauty and breathability of most wood.Transparent with natural honey-tinting effect, this product is very easy to use and offsets different absorbency levels in the wood, ensuring it doesn’t blister or peel. Because of its high spread rate, one coat is all you need for general flooring. This natural and low-Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) product contains no toxic ingredients such as biocides or lead driers. It's completely safe for everyone and, once cured, has virtually no odour.

Can be used to renovate old wax systems.

Natural Wood Hard Oil Wooden Floors - Eco Friendly Non Toxic

Natural Hard Oil is an eco friendly and non toxic natural resin finish for interior wood and floors. This high quality organic hard oil wood treatment is available in classic transparent and light honey colours, as well as new white colour, which offers a fantastic way to get a simple, clean, French farmhouse look.

With performance that matches conventional floor oil treatments and an all-natural formulation, offers a simple, safe alternative to harsh modern wood treatments. This natural oil is specially formulated for porous surfaces such as wooden floors, cork, stone, or even unglazed clay tiles. If you are using  Natural Hard Oil to treat floorboards, we recommend using two coats, followed by a single coat of Hard Wax, which will ensure a long lasting, durable finish that looks great and keeps your wood protected. If you've been looking for a natural organic floor oil treatment that doesn't compromise on performance. This transparent natural resin oil provides the perfect finish and is specially designed for great performance on porous surfaces such as wood, cork, stone, and unglazed tiles. Hard Oil Clear provides a honey-coloured finish that is especially suited for wooden floors, with a final coat of Hardwax guaranteeing durability and resilience.

This environmentally-friendly transparent hard oil wood treatment contains a natural solvent that helps create a water-resistant barrier to protect the wood beneath from the elements. The product dries to a clear-to-honey tone, which beautifully enhances the look of wood. It is made without a wood preservative, allowing you to use your own choice of natural wood treatments can also be used as a primer for absorbent wooden surfaces, as well as to treat stressed wood and cork surfaces.

If you are looking for a hard oil natural wood treatment for interiors and surfaces that are not exposed to free weathering. Thanks to its hard-wearing qualities, ideal for high-moisture and high-traffic areas such as baths and kitchens, and is suitable for both hardwood and softwood floors. If you are looking for a top quality natural and breathable wood oil for your eco friendly and natural home, 


Natural Wooden Floor Oil & Wax 

Tough natural and non toxic oil and wax combo finish for wooden floors and furniture.  Natural & Eco friendly Oil Wax
 Oil Wax is a tough, natural, non toxic oil and wax combination finish for wooden floors and furniture. In just a single application, you can give your wood a flawless finish, and thanks to its solvent-free formulation, this high grade wax is ideal for use in children's' bedrooms, playrooms, and on children's' furniture.

Perfect for wooden furniture and floors, this oil-wax leaves a breathable, water- and dirt-repellent finish on all types of wood. This professional-grade product is ideal for commercial and industrial use, and provides a silky, honey-coloured finish that is durable, attractive, and pleasant to the touch after polishing.

This liquid, transparent, and solvent-free oil wax coating is formulated from vegetable oils, resins, and waxes with good working properties and fast penetration, ensuring a silken finish that does not restrict the wood's water-vapour permeability and absorption properties. Easy to care for and easily renewed, this oil wax is made from Linseed oil from regional cultivation.

Solvent-free, easy to use, and highly versatile: It refines and protects interior wood surfaces, especially wooden furniture, and is also ideal for floors. Please note that exposure to damp and direct sunlight must be avoided at all times during use.


Natural Oil & Wax 2 in 1 Impregnation for wood & floors

Natural 2-in-1 Oil Wax Impregnation is an eco friendly and non toxic wax impregnation treatment for furniture and and floors. If you're looking for a product that will naturally lift your wooden furniture's spirits, this natural floor and surface care oil will have your wooden furniture, wooden floors and wooden surfaces glowing in no time. Providing 100% natural environmentally sound formulation with incredible performance, this is the ideal product for any eco-conscious home.


Natural Linseed Oil Varnish - Eco Friendly Non Toxic Varnish

Natural linseed oil, eco friendly and non toxic linseed oil varnish. Do you need traditional but eco friendly protection and impregnation for your wooden surfaces? Are you looking for a water repellant product that will maintain your furniture’s healthy, natural glow? The Linseed Oil’s is the best natural solution.