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Natural Plaster Grip Coat

Before you apply your plaster, this natural plaster grip coat is perfect for all difficult surfaces for ceiling and wall substrates. Best suited for organic, mineral or neutral substates such as clay, plaster, concrete, brickwork, wood chip wall paper, gypsum plasterboards as well as when renovating older paint coats.This natural plaster grip coat is odour free and mineral primer is easy to overcoat.  This natural plaster primer can be used without a subsequent coating, for instance on dark ceiling panels. This primer can be tinted. We advise for a roller or brush application. Guide to painting new plaster.

Consumption rate  - On smooth, slightly absorptive surfaces: 0.075 l/m², on porous, highly absorptive substrates: 0.30 l/m² per coat depending on substrate, application method, surface quality. Carry out a test application to assess the exact consumption rate. 

Application method: Apply by wide paint brush, brush or paint roller. 

Suitable surfaces: Plaster, clay, concrete, lime-sand bricks, brickwork, gypsum plasterboard, woodchip, adhesive, wettable old coatings. 

Surface preparation: Remove brittle paint by brushing or repair areas with the same type of material. Remove chalky, crumbling substances by brushing. Remove sintered skin by sanding down, parting agents by washing. Fill and surface defects, holes, cracks with the same type of material, if necessary, with Natural wall filler no. 329* and sand down any burr. Check surface for neutrality. Glue loose wallpaper seams, remove adhesive residues. Clean non-wettable old coatings and surfaces, and provide for wettability by etching, roughening, sanding. Remove all sanding dust entirely. Remove badly adhering, non-adhesive, non-wettable or otherwise unsuitable old coatings entirely.