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Natural Primer Paints

Natural Plaster Primer & Eco Friendly

Natural Plaster Primer is a superb eco friendly, breathable and non toxic plaster primer designed as an alternative to conventional primers. This natural plaster paint uses only natural ingredients, but does not skimp on performance, offering you fantastic coverage and forming the perfect base for natural wall paints.

100% natural and organic, Natural Plaster Primer is a quality plaster primer paint which combines incredible coverage and performance with a fantastic eco-friendly formula. Is an easy to apply eco friendly and environmentally aware water thinnable plaster primer, particularly suitable for plasterboard and interior plastered surfaces.

Using  plaster primer is a great way to economically cover highly absorbent and high suction surfaces. This natural plaster paint is ideal when using the darker coloured emulsions for instance in the  range of natural paint, or even when painting on skimmed plaster board. Guide to painting new plaster.

Best applied with an emulsion brush, or ceiling brush. Spraying is possible
Dilute 1:1 with water and stir well
Dry and recoatable after 16 hours
Perfect for pre-treating and priming absorbent of irregularly absorbant mineral surfaces, for later painting with  wall paints
Colour tone: Milky, but dries transparent
Fill in holes, cracks, ruptures, etc., e.g. with AURO Natural wall filler No. 329* or a material corresponding to the construction 
material, allow to dry.
Available in a tester pot, 2 Litres or 5 Litres
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FAQ - Do any paints contain or are they free from methylisothiazolinone?

If you're looking for a natural organic primer with all the performance of conventional products, make sure you order MI FREE Natural Plaster Primer online today.


Natural Silicate Primer Paint 2L

Natural silicate primer paint. eco friendly and non toxic silicate primer paint. This great natural primer is perfect to use before using natural paint. Using this natural silicate primer paint allows for a very economical way of priming large surfaces of high suction and irregularly absorbent surfaces before applying natural Paint, particularly on gypsum plaster.


Natural Universal Primer for most surfaces

Non toxic primer paint, eco friendly and natural primer for interior house paints. This is the go-to natural primer for most applications. It’s  is the 'problem solver' for when you're having issues finding the right primer for your difficult wall, or ceiling substrates. It's a universal primer that works pretty much everywhere! It is totally suitable for priming natural, organic and mineral surfaces, as well as specifically priming plaster, clay, concrete, brickwork, wood chip wall paper, gypsum plasterboards and in particular the renovation of older paint coats.

natural universal primer is totally odour free, and this mineral primer can easily be over-coated with wall paints such as the silicate paint, the standard Natural Emulsion Paint as well as the  Natural Lime Paint. This universal primer can be used without a subsequent coating, IE on dark ceiling panels.

Use a wide paint brush, brush, or short pile roller for application
This Universal Primer can be tinted with up to a maximum of 10%, We suggest using natural colours. 
Suitable for most surfaces - a universal primer
Natural Universal Primer for most surfaces


Interior & Exterior Natural Wood Primer

APremium water based primer for use with interior and exterior timber and woodwork. When you first apply, it looks milky but it does dry to a clear finish. By using a wood primer such as this, you are really extending the longevity of your paint work. Eco friendly and natural 124 wood primer is water thinkable and solvent free, as well as a biocide free undercoat for wood and wood products, for both indoor and outdoor use. It has also been deigned as a undercoat for all natural paints, such as white undercoat gloss paint  or even wood wax
Application by painting on, IE with a varnish brush, synthetic of mixed fibre, or by rolling with a fine grade foam roller or short pile paint roller. Can also be sprayed
It's ready to use and may be thinned with water up to 20%


Natural Wood Primer & Gloss Paint Primer - Water Based

Natural wood primer, eco friendly and non toxic wood primer.  Natural undercoat and primer is an excellent water based solvent free white undercoat and primer for use with either Wood primer and / or the range of Auro 250 Natural Gloss Paint and  Matt Silk Natural Paint. Natural Wood primer can be substituted by a coat of diluted with 10% water.

Totally environmentally friendly and water diluted undercoat paint with excellent covering power. This pain using a consistent selection of ecologically friendly ingredients.


Natural MDF Primer For OSB - Eco Friendly Primer For MDF, Oak and more

If you have a surface that's in need of special preparation, then  Special Primer is the ideal solution. This natural primer is non toxic and eco friendly, and is specially formulated for use on MDF and OSB. This 100% natural MDF primer offers a high performance alternative to conventional primers without compromising on coverage.

This specialist primer for painting MDF and OSB, is created to target the granular surface of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) and OSB (Orientated Strand Board) and other boards that are rich in active substances. It covers without leeching glues and additives, and allows you to create the paint finish you want, without compromising your environmental ideals.

This special primer prevents drying delays caused by the tanning substances in the board, also inhibiting the breakthrough of discolouring ingredients in white coatings and efflorescence on salt and pressure impregnated wood. We recommend that you use this product when using our water based, solvent free products on oak, red oak, ash, cherry, chestnut, nut, larch, bamboo, framire, red cedar, red meranti, almendrillo (cumaru). jotoba (paquio), and cork as well as the aforementioned OSB and MDF.

For painting MDF and painted MDF.
Specialist MDF Paint.



Natural Metal Primer - Eco Friendly Primer For Interior & Exterior

Natural Metal Primer is an eco friendly and non toxic metal primer designed to offer a natural, organic alternative to the harsh chemicals found in many conventional products. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this primer provides an effective and breathable barrier against corrosion, and serves as the ideal base for a coat of paint.

high performance eco friendly and natural metal primer that is suitable for both inside and outside your home. This metal primer can be used as a red iron oxide and rust preventative treatment for priming bare metal. Natural Metal Primer is the perfect foundation for many paints, including Radiator paint,  natural gloss or matt silk paints.

 natural solvent based rust protection primer for interior and exterior use. Use as a primer on untreated, derusted steel and metal parts. Though it has all the performance of conventional metal primers, its natural solvent base means that it is free of the harsh chemical additives found in many metal primers. If you're conscious of the chemicals you're using, this is the perfect way to get the results you want without compromising your environmental principles.



Natural Wood Primer - Eco Friendly & Non Toxic Hard Primer

natural hard primer for wood, made to lay the foundation for the perfect organic, natural paint finish. Unlike many conventional primer products, solvent-free, breathable, eco-friendly, and totally natural, allowing you to create a stunning finish without the harsh chemicals. This high quality organic hard primer works best on bare, clean wood which is low in natural active substances. If you are working with a dry, unstained hardwood, then is the ideal choice, as it both prevents any inconsistencies in paint colour, and seals the wood to protect it from the pigment in the paint.

specially formulated to serve as the ideal base for  paints such as Floor Paint or  natural wood wax.

If you are planning on finishing your wood , we recommend additional treatment with a coat of Undercoat before applying the paint. This will help to ensure a superbly smooth, seamless finish and enhance the paint's durability and resilience.

If your wood feels greasy, or has been stained a dark colour, it is likely to be rich in natural active substances. These reactive compounds are found in some oilier wood types, as well as in most woodstains, and they can lead to adhesion problems and discolouration. If you are working with wood which is rich in active substances, we recommend  Special Primer, which contains a natural solvent which works to seal reactive wood types and stained surfaces.

Primer is water thinnable and solvent free. This natural and organic primer is safe and non toxic, and is perfect for use on indoor floors as well as on many wooden products and items of furniture.

High-grade Silicate primer

Natural and eco friendly High grade Silicate primer -The ideal undercoat for the outdoor application of our high-class lime paint. This solvent-free primer is breathable and suitable for internal and external use. Surfaces are perfectly stabilised and silicified.

The primer is applied by brush or roller and is recoatable after 24 hours. Its white pigmentation improves the opacity of the subsequent coating, especially in the case of dark substrates.


Natural Impregnating Primer For Absorptive Surfaces, Wood or Cork

If you have an absorbent surface you wish to prepare for painting without turning to harsh chemical primers, you need Natural Impregnating Primer for Absorbent Surfaces. This high quality all natural solvent-based primer is specially formulated to prepare absorbent surfaces for painting with wall paints.

Designed to treat wood and cork surfaces exposed to normal wear and for priming absorptive surfaces prior to their treatment with AURO oil or wax products, this product can also be used on untreated clay and cotto tiles for interiors and surfaces not exposed to natural weathering. It provides a honey-coloured finish and can be tinted (up to a maximum of 20%) with Colour Concentrates if you require a coloured finish. 

This environment-friendly, breathable, solvent-based, transparent impregnation treatment has a natural citrus fragrance and is ideal as primer for absorptive surfaces for secondary treatment with oil and wax products, and as sole treatment for wood and cork for surfaces exposed to normal stress.

A VEGAN Product