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Natural & Smooth Paint Filler Interior & Exterior Wood & Walls

Natural & Smooth Paint Filler Interior & Exterior Wood & Walls. Natural, eco friendly and non toxic paint filler. Here’s a natural and eco friendly DIY product perfect for interior decorators, artists and families: the Natural & Smooth Paint Filler for Interior & Exterior Wood & Walls. With biodegradable ingredients free of poisonous chemicals, this is an eco-friendly asset to anyone’s home. Prep those painted surfaces and woodwork with this natural paint filler,  cure small wounds and other imperfections on your paint surfaces, with this product packed inside an easy-to-use tube. 

Natural & Smooth Paint Filler is a paste-like substance that’s easy to work with. It hardens well, dries well and has great sanding properties. Use it for interior and exterior projects, prior to painting. Fill in your surface cracks the Paint Filler.  You can tackle those home renovations and create a safe, healthy environment for everyone to enjoy. 

No thinner is required, as this natural paint filler is ready to go on arrival. Stir your natural surface care well before and during application. Apply your Paint Filler with a standard putty knife, spatula or filler knife. Use two applications in thin layers. For those larger areas, use 2 or 3 applications of this natural paint filler. If you’re using the natural Paint Filler for outside renovations, make sure you do so before heavy weather sets in, so the product can be at its strongest. 

For a tack free surface, allow your surface to dry for 2 hours. In 24 hours, your surfaces will be ready for painting and sanding. This product works its magic in a white shade, so it won’t be intrusive to your surfaces. Once you’ve finished using natural Paint Filler, please clean your tools immediately.