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Natural Wood Wax for Furniture - Eco friendly wood protection

Natural Wood Wax is an eco friendly wood wax designed to offer a flawless finish without the use of harsh chemical additives. This natural wood wax for wooden furniture gives a beautiful transparent and light honey toned liquid wax protection, perfect for country cottage or Scandinavian styles.

As well as being an excellent natural wax for protecting wooden furniture it can be used as a natural wax for linoleum. The eco wood wax is for interior use only, and is water based and solvent free.

  • Perfectly Natural
  • Solvent Free
  • Easy to apply
  • Interior use
  • Gives a beautiful transparent light honey toned finish
  • Great protection
  • Safe for your family and living spaces.

Natural Wood Wax gives organic, non-toxic wax protection for wooden furniture. If treating oak, teak, or other woods rich in active substances, we suggest you pre treat the wood.

If you're looking for a natural wood treatment that cares organically, Natural Wood Wax is the best choice