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Natural Worktop Oil - Eco Friendly Satin Matt Wooden Worktop Oil

Natural & Eco friendly worktop oil for wooden surfaces in a transparent & satin matt finish. The perfect natural, organic, and breathable solution for kitchen worktop treatment, Natural Worktop Oil is an eco friendly satin-matt finish oil that's perfect for achieving a flawless finish without harsh chemical additives. Based on our range of natural alternatives to conventional products, this is a must have for all environmentally conscious homes. Safe, breathable, solvent free and vegan.

This is a worktop oil for wooden surfaces in a transparent satin matt finish. Perfect for painting your natural kitchen work surface, this outstanding worktop oil brings a natural, eco friendly and non toxic wood finish that is 100% food safe.

Natural Worktop Oil can give your wooden kitchen surfaces an eco-friendly, transparent, satin-matt finish that will both protect your wood and give you a stunning rustic look. This natural wood care will provide durable protection without harsh the chemicals that plague traditional products. A

 Most natural oil will go directly onto Oak and is a popular finish for tables as well as worktops.

If you're looking for a truly organic, natural worktop treatment, there are a few options online.