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  • Auro 260 Natural Matt Silk Paint for Interior Wood & Metal - Water Based
  • This is a VEGAN and Cruelty Free Natural Paint Product
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 Product Description

Natural wood paint, eco friendly and non toxic wood paint with a matt silk finish. (For natural gloss wood paint look here) A top selling natural matt silk paint for wood and metal by Auro Paint. This eco friendly and non toxic wood paint can be used as a natural interior wood paint or natural interior metal paint with a beautiful matt silk finish. Our best selling natural matt silk eco friendly natural paint for interior wood and metal.

Vegan product for your home - Vegan Paint and Vegan Varnish


PLEASE NOTE: COLOUR CHANGES! (Nov '17) We are in the process of moving to a brand new 'Colours for Life' system, in the meantime we've slimmed the colours down in preparation. If you're set on an 'old' colour due to having an old colour chart please email me and we'll see what we can do in the meantime! We've got some incredible colours coming, and we're currently working on our new colour chart which is going to be a big step up from the existing one!

Auro 260 Colours Chart

This great natural matt silk eco friendly paint is water based and totally solvent free, and very low odour. Auro 260 is ideal as a top coat for interior metal and wood where you just don't need (or want!) a high gloss finish. Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and doors as well as furniture, it's a great all round, high performance natural matt paint - suitable for pretty much everything.

This paint is tested and certified as 'safe for toys' as well as 'saliva and perspiration proof' thus perfect for kids toys and play areas, or as a natural nursery paint for toddlers and babies. This natural matt paint is both durable and wipeable, and also great when used as an egg-shell finish for high humidity areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, but it is primarily a wood finish.

We would recommend pre-treating wood types that are rich in active substances with Auro 117, which is the special primer. For other wood types we would suggest using Auro 127 Wood Primer followed by a coat of Auro white undercoat 253, and then finally using this Auro 260 as the top coat, best with two coats. You are able to clean brushes with natural thinners such as Auro 191 Orange oil thinners

  • This natural matt silk paint is dust dry in 6 to 9 hours, re-coatable in 24hrs and totally hardened within 3 days.
  • Auro Natural Paints are based on organic linseed oil resins, using natural mineral and plant pigments for colour and chalks for fillers.
  • Coverage: 750ml = 10m2 
  • Interior use only
  • Available in many premixed colours, or just white. 
  • We always advise to try a tester pot first to guarantee colour is correct for your application.

You may be interested to know that unlike acrylics, Auro solvent free gloss or matt silk paints are not prone to any kind of cracking and peeling, as they are much tougher and flexible due to no chemical hardeners added. It takes longer to 'harden' than normal paints, but it's a much better solution for a longer lasting finish. 

Is white the white I would expect? It is a characteristic of natural paints that they are not brilliant or pure white, but they are classified as white - white covers quite a scale, Auro 260 and Auro 250 paints achieve a whiteness level of 94% against EN13300 and as such are considered white. We are conscious that white is a very wide spectrum and people have different expectations which is why we also recommend people try testers to ensure satisfaction; our experience is that a huge majority of our customers prefer the white a little warmer that the stark brilliant whites - again all personal taste and perception though. We produce a cream and ivory finish in the range and there is a distinct difference the white is certainly a little more creamier than a brilliant white, when painted on I would expect the first coat at least to be a little of coloured when using a deep coloured primer, although over subsequent coats the colour we know as white will be achieved.

Auro Natural Paints

Natural Wood Paint - Matt Non Toxic Water Based Wood & Metal Paint - Auro 260

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We always advise trying a tester pot first. | Weight: 0.75 KGS
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