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  • Auro 106 Natural Wood Care Oil for all Oiled Wooden Furniture & Floors - 1L

 Product Description

Natural wood oil for care and longevity. Auro 106 Natural Wood Care Oil is best for caring for any oiled wood finished floor, object or furniture in an eco friendly and sustainable way.  The surfaces of your home, your office, or any wooden finished space will be protected against dirt and water, and also has anti-static and breathable characteristics.

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After application of the Auro 106 Natural Care Oil, your wooden surfaces will be naturally renewed to a beautiful finish.

  • 1 litre covers approximately 83

  • Contains water, tung, linseed oil, surfactants made of rapeseed, castor oil, sunflower oil, cellulose, cobalt-free drying agents, and fatty acids

  • Before oil application, the surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned using the right products, such as No. 427 Auro Floor Cleaner for floors, and 435 Auro Paint and Stain Cleaner or 411 Auro Plant Soap for furniture and other surfaces. These pre-treatments not only removes soiling, but also wood components that can hinder the drying of the oil components of the wood care products.

  • After cleaning, allow surfaces to dry thoroughly for best results.

  • If the surface is already rough, we suggest fine sanding to smoothen it. This can be done either with sanding fleece or corundum sandpaper.

  • Once opened, store product in the original packaging and in a dry cool (but protected from frost) place, closed tightly.

  • Keep out of children’s pet’s reach and flammable areas.


To treat furniture, panels, or smaller wood finished objects, apply the oil to a water-moistened or damp clean cloth or sponge, then distribute evenly on the surface. After approximately 10 minutes the milky-like emulsions disappear and the product can now be rubbed in or polished. Allow it to dry approximately overnight, and then a further coat of the care product can be applied as needed.

When it comes to floors, instead of applying it on a cloth or sponge, the care product needs to be diluted in a ratio of 1:1 with water for initial application. This mixture needs to be distributed evenly on the floor so as to leave a slightly moist texture, then polish it using a single-pad polishing machine preferably with beige or white polishing pads after an evaporation period of approximately 15 minutes. After this the floor must not be walked on or exposed to water overnight. Then, a further or following application of the care product is required, but this time undiluted.

Handling after cleaning

Keep in mind that products that contain drying oils are subject to spontaneous combustion, most especially if the cloths are crumpled. Therefore, all used cloths, sponges, or pads must be laid out separately and smoothly, and must not be crumpled or piled. When dry, they can be disposed as rubbish. On the other hand, application tools that you plan to use again must be washed out with soap solution and soaked overnight, thoroughly rinsed in warm water and spread out to dry.

Unlike varnish finished surfaces, substrates treated with oils and/or waxes can breathe so they can still contribute to room climate, making the space less congested. Every household deserves to have a presentable home and it is guaranteed that the Auro care oil will finish the job to perfection.

Renewal of the care coat at regular and timely intervals is an outcome of a maximum level of protection and surfaces will remain attractive and shiny for years!



Auro Natural Paints

Natural Care Oil For Renewing Oiled Wooden Floors & Furniture - Auro 106 - 1L

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