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Natural Anti Mould Paint - Breathable Interior Eco Wall Paint - Auro 327

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Natural anti mould paint, eco friendly and non toxic mould paint. 

If you're looking for a natural paint product which will help you eliminate mould, Auro 327 Natural Anti Mould Paint is just what you need. This eco friendly and non toxic anti mould paint offers preventative protection against moulds and spores, without compromising on Auro's usual superb finish.

Auro 327 is a white preventative mould protection paint that works by using its high PH value to stop mould growth in its tracks. This natural and eco-friendly anti-mould solution is perfect for areas such as window surrounds and bathrooms where ventilation is a problem. Thanks to its special formulation, it prevents mildew and mould build up over time, helping you to maintain a spotless finish.

Auro 327 is a great natural alternative to standard anti-mould paints, though unlike chemical-heavy products, it is totally free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and is breathable. This paint is part of the Auro 414 Anti Mould System, and can be used with Auro 412 mould eliminator and Auro 413 Mould stop. This is a lime based anti mild paint, so it is a great solution to keep older walls breathing if they have a constant issue with damp.

Most anti-mould systems use removal agents such as chlorine compounds and synthetic toxins. However, Auro 327 and Auro 413 use perfectly natural peroxide and offer a totally safe and throughly tested mould removal and painting solution.

For excellent results in tackling actual mould growth, we recommend the prior use of AURO Mould eliminator No. 412 and AURO Mould stop No. 413 . We offer all three products together as part of Anti-mould system box (No. 414)

If you do intend to tint this paint, we recommend a maximum of 2.5% of the Auro 350 natural as the more you use, the more you will reduce the anti mould properties.

If you are looking for a high grade interior and exterior paint with 100% natural anti mould properties, make sure you order Auro 327 Natural Anti Mould Paint

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Lancashire/Cumbria (£5); Cornwall (£10); and Scotland (Central £10- others poa - vary from +£20 to +£70) the surcharges for these are in brackets. (Central Scotland = Glasgow/Edinburgh and everything this side of there)

ECO PACKAGING: Testers use bio degradable corn starch infill packing pieces (these are only suited to testers and very light weight items though); on larger products we either use recycled/recyclable brown paper or we’re just starting to use pulped cardboard inserts for 2.5l and 5l tins - these are recycled and can either be recycled with household cardboard, composted or several people use them as firefighters!

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1st Class - £5.50 (Testers only)
Next Working Day: 0-20kg : £12.50, 21-40kg : £22.75

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