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Buy Eco friendly, Non toxic and safe Natural Wood Paints online

We currently have an excellent range of natural wood finishes, for whatever project you have in mind. There are many options, whether you are re-staining your floorboards, or whether you are rejuvenating your kitchen work surfaces or even your wooden furniture. Finally there is an eco alternative to normal toxic paints and varnishes, make the switch today and do the right thing.

Safe & Secure: You can buy from us assured you are using a super secure checkout and at some of the cheapest prices online, not forgetting that we offer Next Day Delivery too!



Give your wooden surfaces a fine, healthy glow with one of these magnificent wood finishes. Full of nature’s goodness, and free from the usual toxins found in common products, any one of their wood finishes will get the job done. Need to redo those floorboards? Want to give your wooden floors a new pep in their step? We've got the eco finish.

These wood finishes provide climate control, giving your home ample space to breathe. If your living spaces are in dire need of that special Spring breeze, just let the sunshine in, use one of their many wood finishes, and bravo! You’ve got a cool, airy home filled with new life.

Is your home constantly filled with energetic guests? Perhaps you’re holding a special gathering for a birthday, graduation or a momentous  event. No need to worry about your wooden floors being ruined; with one of these wood finishes, that floor of yours will have a healthy, strong shield against the highest traffic. With these water-repellant, hardy products, you’ll be preserving your home for years to come. Buying from here will not only help you protect your home, but our wildlife as well! How can it get any better than that?