Plastic Free Paint

Plastic Free Paint – Natural & Eco friendly paint for interior and exteriors.

Plastic free paint is one of the recent areas of ‘plastic free’ that has come to the attention of the public. We want to eliminate plastics and chemicals from our homes as best as we can, and one easy way is to switch from chemical, high VOC paints that off-gas nasties into your home, polluting your indoor air quality, which is something we should all pay attention to.

The paints listed below by Graphenstone are all natural and eco friendly, and do not contain any plastic of any kind. There is no need to put plastics in paint, and you can see from the paints below that we have an option for whatever you want to paint.

For interior walls and ceilings, we recommend the Grafclean Premium.

Does paint contain plastic, are there plastics in paint?

Paints are made from pigments and binders, in the big money, no care for health of environment big brand paints, they use synthetic pigments and synthetic binders which are almost always made from plastics, such as originally rubber or latex. Fundamentally paint is just a skin, which shows colour through depending on the pigments. It’s made very easy when you use plastics for sure, but has significant health dangers.

Graphenstone paints, and none of the paints we offer contain any plastic at all. Yes they are shipped in plastic tubs, which are 100% recyclable themselves, AND are made up of at least 80% recycled plastic. Personally I find many uses for plastic pots around the house and garden, drill some holes in them and you’ve got a plant pot that will last forever!

What kind of paint will adhere to plastic?

If you want a natural paint that will adhere to plastic, I suggest using the Grafclean Midshine multi purpose paint, and make sure you use the Graphestone Four2Four primer so it will actually stick, this primer is amazing!

Is plastic paint washable?

It really does depend on the brand, Our plastic free interior wall paint, Grafclean Premium is washable and scrubbable.. and has no plastic in it. Winner.