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In this section of the website you will find all our of finest natural paint and surface preparation paints, oils, waxes and the like, as well as a great range of natural anti mould solutions, natural house cleaning and surface cleaning products. We now also offer natural wood care products, oils and cleaners, as well as natural wall & fillers and natural wall plasters, both modern and traditional.


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Purchased one of the natural eco-friendly, legendary paints? How about one of their primers? You think you’ve got the perfect arsenal for home renovation, but you’re not equipped with battle armour. In other words, the preparation tools. Don’t start painting those bathroom walls or floors without the right kit for the job!

Finish off projects with the Hard Protect Finishing Wax. Use the linseed oil that sleeps inside your natural oils, and get those wooden surfaces singing your praises. The drying process leads to a powerful finish that will not break or bend to high traffic, giving those surfaces of yours the strongest bodyguards. The  Linseed Oil Varnish is a knock-out on its own, as it provides your wooden furniture and surfaces with a breathtaking glow. Use the  Universal Adhesive for those pesky projects that require glue. With those great products, thinners, remover paste, cleaner and more, you’ll find only the best prep tools here.

Whatever your battle is, you’ll find the perfect arsenal in this lineup of preparation tools. Don’t start renovating your garden porch without the proper tools! You’ll thank yourself in the long run, and before you know it, those projects of yours will be done in no time.