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Natural Wood Wax & Natural Wood Varnish

Need your terraces to come back to life? Are your porches in dire need of tender, loving care? You’ve got the arsenal you need with Auro’s interior, water-based waxes and varnishes. With stunning products like the Auro 110 Terrace Oil, you’ll be able to refresh the outside of your home in no time at all! And let’s not forget how Auro’s product lineup is packed with only nature’s best. Being in the business of healthy and happy environments, Auro offers you nothing but the best. Their waxes and varnishes are no exception to that rule.

Shower your wooden terraces and even your wooden furniture in ingredients like vegetable oil and beeswax! These environmentally friendly waxes and varnishes are perfect in giving your terraces the glow they need. Dazzle your family, friends and neighbors with the Auro 129, or the Auro 110! Whatever you choose, you’ll be giving your home the extra-special touch it needs! These products are easy to use as well, making application a breeze. In no time at all, your wooden surfaces will be glowing like the moon-all because you took the time to purchase one of Auro’s waxes or varnishes! Just in time for that big birthday party too.