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Sports Center

"Antonio García" Sports Center

The City Council of Mairena del Alcor (Seville, Spain) is launching a renovation project to make its city a much greener place. At the initiative of its mayor, Mr. Ricardo Antonio Sánchez Antúnez, the Antonio García Sports Pavilion has been renovated with Graphenstone products, making this sports center a much healthier place.

In this project we have mainly used AmbientPro+, a photocatalytic paint capable of capturing harmful particles and breaking them down thanks to the incidence of light.

graphenstone-pabellonmairena-01.jpg graphenstone-pabellonmairena-02.jpg
graphenstone-pabellonmairena-03.jpg graphenstone-pabellonmairena-04.jpg graphenstone-pabellonmairena-05.jpg