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  •  Natural Floor Adhesive - Auro 382 Natural Floor Glue

 Product Description

Natural Floor Adhesive, Eco Friendly Floor Glue -  a non toxic, safe and natural floor glue by Auro. Auro 382 is a professional quality natural adhesive for pro tradesmen or even keen DIY enthusiasts. This natural and breathable floor adhesive, is a universal glue made from natural latex milk and a range of all natural resins. 

There are many applications that you can use this eco friendly floor glue, such as the bonding of lino, cork, textiles floor coverings or even natural fibre carpets. 

It's easy to work and use. "Characterised by its excellent adhesive power and suitability for floor coverings to wear from chair rollers"

Covers up to 4msq per kilogram, but this can vary greatly depending on the spreading thickness and the absorbency of the substrate. 



TECHNICAL DATA - Download data sheet


Type of material  - Dispersion adhesive made from natural rubber latex and natural resins, ready to use.



- Suitable for bonding the following materials indoors: 

- Unsealed cork materials (piece goods and metre goods), 

- Linoleum, composites based on linoleum and granulated cork, 

- Granulated cork and cork-felt cardboard, 

- Textile floor coverings (tiles and roll goods), 

- Natural fibre carpeting with jute or natural latex backing, but not suitable for use in areas of damp rooms directly exposed to water 

(e.g. showers). Suitable for hot water floor heating up to +30°C; if necessary carry out a test application. 


Technical properties 

- Easy to use 

- Good adhesive power 

- Suitable for floors exposed to wear from castors 



Contains water, mineral fillers, natural latex, dammar, lactic casein, swelling clay, cellulose ether, orange oil and rosemary oil, thiazole. 

This AURO product has trace (0.01-0.02%): amounts of MIT

May cause allergic reactions. Natural products are neither odourless nor emission-free. Current full declaration on www.auro.de. 

Colour shade 

Whitish while wet, yellowish when dry. 

Drying time in standard climate (+23°C / 50% rel. air humidity) 

- Flash-off time: Moisture-vapour permeable coverings can be installed immediately. Wait for several minutes before installing less 

moisture-vapour permeable coverings such as cork or linoleum. 

- Working time: 20 minutes max. 

- Stress resistant: after 36 hours 

- Final adhesive power: after 72 hours. 

- The flash-off, working and drying times may vary depending on the surface and type of covering. Preliminary tests and test 

applications are recommended. 

Density: Approx. 1.0 g/cm³. 

Hazard class: Not applicable 

Viscosity: Pasty 

Thinner: The adhesive must not be diluted for bonding. If priming is required, the adhesive can be diluted with water at a mixing ratio 

of 1:2 up to 1:3 max. 

Cleaning of tools: With water immediately after use. Then use AURO Plant soap no. 411* and water, if necessary. 

Storage: Store dry, cool, above freezing point in closed containers and keep out of reach of children. Storage stability in unopened 

original containers: 12 months. Consistency fluctuations are possible due to the natural raw materials used and have no effect on the 

adhesive power.

Packaging material: Polyethylene. Only recycle completely empty containers; otherwise EWC code 170904: mixed construction site 

and rubble residues. 

Waste disposal: Liquid residues: EWC code 200128. 


Provide for sufficient skin protection during the application. Contains orange oil. Do not allow to enter drains. May cause lung damage 

if swallowed. The respective standards and recommendations of the floor covering manufacturers must be observed, especially the

German Construction Contract Procedures VOB DIN 18 352 or DIN 18 365. GIS code D 2. No hazardous good. 

Instructions for use 

- The regulations of the floor covering manufacturers must be observed. 

- The coverings must be acclimatised according to the instructions of the floor covering manufacturers prior to bonding. 

- The room must be dry and have the right temperature. The air, floor and material temperature must amount to at least +15 °C, the 

ideal application temperature is +18-25 °C. 

- The air humidity must not exceed 75% and should amount to at least 50%. 

- The specified temperature and air humidity values must be maintained until the adhesive has obtained its final strength. 

- It is absolutely necessary to avoid exposure to direct sunlight, moisture and draught during the application. 

- Thoroughly remove any skin that may have formed, do not mix in.. 

- Apply the adhesive evenly to the entire surface. Avoid adhesive clusters. 

- Only apply as much adhesive as can be used within the working time of up to 20 minutes max. The adhesive bed must still be damp 

when installing the covering (finger test) and must not have formed a skin. 

 - Do not allow adhesive stains, e.g. on the coverings, to dry on but remove immediately with a damp sponge and clean water. 


AURO No. 382Recommendations for Application 

AURO Floor covering adhesive No. 382 


1.1 Suitable surfaces

Surfaces suitable for installing floor coverings according to VOB 18 365 for coverings on floors based on cement, anhydrite, mastic 

asphalt and magnesia as well as fibreboard and wooden materials, suitable for floor heating up to +30°C, but not in damp areas.

1.2 General surface requirements 

Surfaces must be permanently dry, even, clean, compression-proof, vibration-free, free of joints, cracks and grease, chemically

neutral, absorptive, sound and adhesive. All surface have a material-related equilibrium moisture content or residual moisture which 

must not exceed certain values during the installation. This is why moisture measurements with appropriate measuring devices and 

recordings according to DIN are required prior to installing floor coverings in order to proof the suitability of the surface. 


2.1.1 Surface preparation 

- All uneven surfaces must be levelled. 

- Rising moisture is inadmissible. 

- Preliminary tests must be implemented in case of highly absorptive surfaces as regards flash-off and drying times. 

- It is absolutely necessary to carry out test applications on mastic asphalt due to its low absorptivity. It is recommended to apply a 

cement levelling compound. 

- The unsound sinter skin on gypsum surfaces must be removed by sanding or brushing, and the sanding dust must be thoroughly 

removed by means of a vacuum cleaner. 

- Surfaces must be prepared according to standard VOB/DIN regulations and the general surface requirements. 

- Remove old coverings, brittle residues of adhesives and filling compounds entirely. 

2.1.2 Primer treatment 

- Check mineral surfaces such as e.g. cement levelling compounds for neutrality. 

- Priming of surfaces suitable for installing floor coverings according to VOB is usually not required; prime highly or irregularly 

absorptive surfaces and anhydrite screeds with diluted adhesive. The primer must not form a film on the surface and must have 

dried through prior to bonding. 

2.2 Bonding of floor coverings 

Apply the adhesive evenly to the entire surface. 

2.2.1 Bonding of cork, cork materials 

Lay cork material into the adhesive bed, push it into place until it fits precisely applying slight pressure. Use a jointed roller or a 

rubber hammer to press it down onto the entire surface avoiding bubble formation. Allow the adhesive to achieve tack and roll over 

the surface again applying more pressure. Weight down trough-shaped boards. Carry out a test application in case of cork boards over 

8 mm thick. 

2.2.2 Bonding of linoleum 

Embed the linoleum into the adhesive bed, thoroughly rub on and press down the entire surface by roller. The adhesive must be 

applied to the entire surface of the material's bottom side. Thoroughly rub the material's end and the material's edges again approx. 

20 minutes after the installation, if necessary, weight down, until the adhesive has cured. 

2.2.3 Bonding of textile coverings 

Embed the coverings into the adhesive bed without flash-off time and push it into place until it fits precisely applying slight pressure. 

Then press down the entire surface avoiding bubble formation e.g. by means of a rubber roller. Cut roll goods to size allowing enough 

excess, lay the covering onto the entire surface in the room, fold if back in parts for bonding und rub crease-free starting in the 

middle. Then cut to size. In case of waterswelling fibres (e.g. jute, sisal), bond the covering and allow to dry before cutting to size. 

Alternatively, AURO Natural latex fixative no. 388* can also be used for textile coverings. 

Auro Natural Paints

Natural Floor Adhesive - Auro 382 Natural Floor Glue

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