Natural Lyes & Soaps For Wooden Floors

Eco friendly, non toxic Natural Lyes and soaps for wooden floors

Natural Lyes: As an alternative to darkened oiled floors, wooden floors treated with lyes and soaps maintain their original light wood shade. Even darkening due to the effect of light is prevented by these products. With this method, new, sanded softwood or hardwood floors are treated with the slightly white pigmented lye and then with wood soap. The processing is done with a brush, large surface brush or foam roller and gloves and protective goggles should be worn for this. This type of wood treatment produces open pore, vapour permeable surfaces which look very light and natural. As they are not dirt repellant, we recommend use of floors which see little traffic, these must be treated regularly depending on use.


Natural Soaps: Wooden floors treated with lye should be treated 2 or 3 times with soap solution. The soap is vert effective against dirt. Even watermarks and slight pressure points can be removed with mopping. Regular use of the white wood soap is an effective proaction against yellowing of the wood surface. The wood soap is diluted 1:10 with water, and rubbed in with a polishing machine with a polishing pad, Within 15 minutes, the residue that has not sunk into the wood should be removed. After a half day drying time, the treatment can be repeated.

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