Tips For Making A More Eco-friendly House

Want to help preserve nature’s magic for years to come? There are plenty of ways you and your loved ones can protect our environment, while enjoying your home!

Ready to transform your home into an eco-friendly castle? Here are just a few ways you can accomplish this!

1. Unplug any electrical devices that aren’t in use! When your kids are doing playing with their XBOX, ask them to unplug it! When your toast pops up, unplug that toaster! You’ll be saving energy in the long run, and you’ll be reducing your energy bill!

2. Lower watt bulbs will come in handy, as they use less energy than standard bulbs, and will brighten your home just like any other light bulb! Low watt bulbs can even outshine standard bulbs!

3. Have any leaky faucets, taps and appliances? Patching them up will help you preserve water! You can patch them up yourself or ask a local plumber to patch them up for you!

4. Install solar panels or skylights to allow nature’s goodness to flow into your home! You and your family will be treated to warm sunshine, preserving energy and reducing your energy bill!

5. Using natural paint will not only add nature’s magic to your home, but it will also preserve that magic for years to come! By using chemical-free, natural paints, you’re protecting plants from being stripped of their natural oils, and you’re protecting our air against pollution! How’s that for a safer, eco-friendly home?

Remember: these are only a few ways you and your family can help protect our environment! By turning your home into an eco-friendly home, you’re doing your part in protecting nature’s majesty-while creating a safer environment for everyone to enjoy!