Natural Exterior & Natural Masonry Paint

We have a great selection of Graphenstone natural paint for exterior walls and masonry, and for exterior wood work. These can be broken down into paints for walls and render, and then for wood and trim.

For natural exterior paint we have a few choices, depending on whether you want a traditional lime paint, or a modern super tough paint.

Traditional: If you would like a traditional white paint, based on lime then I would recommend the Graphenstone Biosphere, which has incredible eco credentials and impressive coverage. This eco paint is available in white and also a few off-white colours. If you want a bigger range of natural paint colours use the GCS Exterior.

Modern: If you would like a more modern breathable  exterior house paint for almost all surfaces then I would suggest the Graphenstone GCS Exterior paint, which is available in lots of colours. For best adhesion please use the primer, of which there are two choices – one primer with natural biocide in it, and one primer without the biocide (depending on whether you need to treat the surface or not)

Some common questions:

Natural Exterior House Paint

What is the best exterior house paint?
The best exterior house paint that we offer is the GCS Exterior, it offers the most amount of colours, it’s easy to apply and toughened with natural graphene, which helps reduce cracking and peeling.

Best exterior wall paint?
I think the best exterior wall paint is the GCS Exterior, due to the great range of natural colours available, strength and ease of use.

What range of exterior paint colours?
We offer a fabulous range of exterior paint colours, which you can see in our colour chart. Please note that some of the deeper shades are not advised for exteriors due to some natural pigments suffering more from UV damage than others. This is noted on the colour chart to help you decide.

Which exterior masonry paint?
Traditional finish I would suggest the Biosphere, and for modern finish and easy application the GCS exterior.

What is the best way to paint exterior pebble dash wall?
Brush, clean and primer first, and then usually 2 coats of top coat.

What is the best exterior wood paint?
This would be the Graphenstone Grafclean Midshine, which is a super tough paint that when used with the primer provides excellent adhesion for wood and metals. It has a lovely semi matte finish, more of a satin at 10% sheen and perfect for so many applications for outside wood work.


Natural Exterior Wood Paint:

Exterior wood paint colours
We have a great range of exterior wood paint colours, from the natural paint colour chart available digitally or you can order the swatch cards, I highly recommend ordering the natural colour chart as it’s hand painted and a very accurate representation of the colours available. Please try are tester pot first to make sure the colour works for your first though!

What paint to use on exterior wood?
For all exterior wood we recommend the Graphenstone Grafclean Midshine, which requires the universal primer for best adhesion. We would advise one coat of primer, then 2 top coats should be sufficient in most instances.

How to paint exterior wooden window frames
Ideally remove as much of the existing paint as you can, and make sure it is clean and dust free. Then prime with our universal natural wood primer, and then apply 2 coats of the top coat, Graphenstone Grafclean Midshine.

How to paint an exterior wood door
This would be in the same way as the window frames above, ideally remove as much paint as you can, clean and make dust free, prime then two top coats of the Grafclean Midshine.

What to do when you’ve accidentally used exterior paint indoors.
If you’ve used Graphenstone paints this is no problem at all, the exterior paints will work fine inside too! Exterior paints are just a different recipe as they have different needs, so although they will work fine inside of course, we would always recommend an interior paint for interior walls rather than an exterior!

How much to paint a house exterior UK?
This is simple to work out, you just need to measure the walls and go from there.

To work out how many square metres you have, you multiple the length by the height in metres of each wall, and this will give you the square metres. Do this for each wall, and take off a few square metres at the end for things like windows and doors! One you have all data, add it all together and this will give you the total square metres of wall space. You then divide that by the coverage of the paint ins question and work out the number of coats, so for instance if your two walls total 100 square metres, and the paint covers at 10sqm per litre, you then need 10L of paint per coat. Simple!

What is the average price to paint exterior of house.
Using the calculation above you can work this out. Of course there can be extra cost if you need to prime the walls first, and the total figure will change depending on whether it’s a small bungalow or a massive castle…

Best exterior house paint brand.
Easy, Graphenstone – and specifically the Graphenstone GCS Exterior paint.